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Cross-countries: At a World Cup stage our men`s team has won « silver »

In Swedish Gallivare the first stage of a World Cup on cross-countries has come to the end. Today in go-ahead race 410 km man`s Russian national team has won silver. For our command ran Evgenie Belov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Peter Sedov and Alexander Legkov who has conceded superiority only on a home straight, having lost to the Swede of only 0,8 seconds. The second Russian national team has taken the fifth place, having outstripped on a photo finish German national team.

And here our girls could not get to ten strongest at all, having lost to leaders more than three minutes they have occupied 14 - e a place. The second national team and at all disqualified. And the national team of Norway which has bypassed the first command of Sweden for 27 seconds has defeated female relay race 45 km. In struggle for the third place of the Italian have outstripped Germans.

Cross-countries. A World Cup. The first stage.
men. Relay race 410 km. 1. Sweden - 1 (Mats Larsson, Johan Olsson, Daniel Rikardsson, Markus Helner) – 1:29. 56,3. 2. Russia - 1 (Evgenie Belov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Peter Sedov, Alexander Legkov) – backlog 0,8. 3. Norway - 1 (Eldar Renning, Martin Sandbi, Chris Jespersen, Sjur Rete) – + 47,9... 5. Russia - 2 (Artem Zhmurko, Konstantin Glavatsky, Sergey Turyshev, Ilya Chernousov) – + 1. 35,6