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Tula prepares for an anniversary of heroic defence of our city

- I remember, how in the childhood my grandfather has resulted me in the Central recreation park, - the director muzejno - the exhibition centre « remembers; the Tula antiquities » Vladimir Gritsenko. – And the grandfather has shown to me where in December, 1941 during defence of Tula it dug an entrenchment. In memoirs of that day were not saved neither roundabouts, nor ice-cream, only history about war.

it is important, that also the today`s generation knew heroic history of the Tula people in particular, and country exploit as a whole. And it recently all becomes more difficult to inform. After all for anybody not a secret that recently the history and exploit of our fellow countrymen from West giving corresponds, and their merits, to put it mildly, are underestimated.

- In the Tula area of 55 museums and for all the subject of illumination of a problematics of the Second World War is central, - the deputy director of department of culture of the Tula area Nadezhda Kalugina marks. – Today history want to change. It is necessary to result arguments and the facts in protection of our position. We should protect the original information on the Great Patriotic War and that exploit which has made our people.
unfortunately, today the cultural sphere and museums in particular receive far not that financing which is necessary for the organisation of expositions.

- There are cases when to us it is banal there is no money to buy bulbs and to illuminate the stand or a show-window, - employees of a museum admit. – or money for exposition creation come for 2 weeks, and it is not enough this term for gathering of the full information and the organisation of a high-grade exhibition.

That is why all workers concern the business with soul, others simply are not late.

- Our expositions no means always correspond to the world standards, - research assistant Ljubov Skripkina underlines.
That is why employees of museums have considered questions ekspozitsionno - exhibition activity, work with various categories of visitors, uses interactive an expert, cooperation with search groups and associations.