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The Nizhniy Novgorod taxi drivers from - for a frost do not leave on a line

Today from - for exclusively cold weathers of work of many taxi - services in a city it has appeared paralysed.
- we waited the car of more hour! - readers « were indignant; » - NN ». - Each ten minutes called the dispatcher and begged: well wait a little more, it is fast and to your order will appoint the driver. And at us the arrangement was at the paid pediatrist for a certain time!

- and what you want? At us almost half of cars did not leave on flight today, - the driver of one of known taxi services makes a helpless gesture. - simply were not got since the morning — and all! And passengers as to spite, to the contrary it is more — people do not want to freeze a nose in such weather in public transport. Here also it turns out what to wait the car it it is necessary much longer, than usually.

- Certainly, most hard it is necessary owners of old domestic cars, - dispatchers of one of taxi services admitted to us. - one of our drivers on three times for a night rises in such frost, warms up the car that with morning it to get. But such responsible, unfortunately, it is a little. Therefore today the delay at car giving reached at us one and a half hours.

- at us, fortunately, such problems are not present, - has responded « » - NN » the head large a taxi - the companies. - in our park more than 180 cars, the majority of them — the new foreign cars, therefore no difficulties neither at us, nor at our clients arise. And here in offices it is less — yes, they sustain losses from - for frosts...

what here can be a conclusion? If it is necessary to use a taxi in a strong frost, do the order of the large company. Overpay 30 - 70 roubles, but time and nerves will save.