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The Yaroslavl beauties will be overcome for a rank Beauty of Russia in three hours

Today in Moscow will take place 16 - j under the bill a beauty contest « Beauty of Russia - 2010 ». In final gala - a concert 54 girls from various regions of the country will take part.  

the Ending will pass in the Big hall of the government of Moscow. Time rhythms become the main subject of competition in 2010.   girls will defile on a scene out of only in koktejlnyh dresses, but also in bathing suits, the Mongolian and Spanish national suits. De                 fvatsu                       fyvfyv

Girls will defile on a scene not only in bathing suits and koktejlnyh dresses, but also in the Mongolian and Spanish suits.

the competition Jury this year will be headed by the actor, the producer, the president of Association of stuntmen of Russia Alexander Inshakov. Besides, into board structure will enter Boris ShCherbakov, Anton Siharulidze, Svetlana Zhurova, Irina Wiener, Alexander Tikhonov and other stars. To a show message it is necessary to Anton Komolovu and Olga Shelest.

Yaroslavl region at this competition represent jaroslavny Darya Konovalova, Julia Gorshihina and Natalia Larioshina from Rybinsk. To all girls for 22 years.

- Three weeks we trained in hotel « cape Verde » - Julia Gorshihina tells. - it is clear that for a supper - only salad and not later 19. 00, but at us organisms already work like clock-work, so forbidden and it would not be desirable.

Julia Gorshihina.

In a room of Julja lives together with Natalia Larioshinoj from Rybinsk, girls each other support, but spirit of rivalry, according to participants, is already felt. By the way, some assure, as if competition exod is almost solved.

- Darya Konovalova from Yaroslavl becomes the winner, - they assure.

- Whence you know?

- On its rehearsals almost was not, all is allowed to it, with us, participants behaves haughtily, affords such remarks of type: « How you can live in such conditions?! » it means that to it it nothing to be afraid also the first place – a title « Beauty of Russia » already at it in a pocket...

the Yaroslavl little girls of such views do not confirm, but also do not deny.

- I very much want to be a part of 13 girls who will reach the final, - tells Julja.

Natalia Larioshina.

As a talisman of Julja with itself took nothing.

- What for to me the talisman, at me is natelnyj a dagger, I hristianka, - have commented Julia.

To Moscow on competition of Julja has gone together with the friend who will be present at competition, and houses for the girl the big family &ndash will be ill; mum, the sister, nephews, aunts and uncles.

By the way, last year the finalist of competition « Beauty of Russia - 2009 » Adelina Araslanova has fallen to a podium during a defile. A leah will manage without surprises this time - we will soon tell.


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