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For city - the manager in the mayoralty of Nizhni Novgorod while is not present an office

Presented on city post - Oleg Kondrashov has told the manager of Nizhni Novgorod, than he will be engaged first of all. If, of course, it will be confirmed by the Municipal duma at an emergency meeting on December, 3rd.

in - the first, Oleg Kondrashov admitted that it would not began to apply for so high fast if behind it there was no command of serious professionals. They have helped deputy Gordumy to generate the basic ideas of the program of development of municipal economy.

- to begin with it is necessary to think where to sit down in administration, to begin work,   - Oleg Kondrashov has joked. - If it is serious, first of all I will start to get acquainted actively with structure goradministratsii, to invite to interview of heads, since   the top, finishing chiefs of departments.

it is necessary to notice that   one of the basic ideas of the program of a development of the city,   Presented Kondrashovym, is   increase in salaries of teachers and doctors by means of regional extra charges.

- I consider that that level of salaries which our teachers have, negatively influence teaching level, - Oleg Kondrashov admitted. - As soon as we will accept the budget of 2011, we will approach on the sly to the decision   this problem. We will take means   on fund formation from which extra charges will pay.

this surcharge   to teachers and doctors of municipal authorities of a city   big enough - it can be equal to their icon settings.