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The bank of Latvia continues to surprise numismatists

Bank of Latvia continues to let out the coins pleasing local and foreign numismatists.

On Thursday, on December, 2nd, it will put into circulation three new coins — one anniversary and two odnolatovye with the horseshoe image, the press - the secretary of Bank of Latvia has informed Martinsh Gravitis.

« time Coin » which stamping is made on the Austrian mint, the central part &mdash is made of silver, and; from rare metal niobija, having green colour. On two previous coins nioby was dymchato - dark blue and violet colours. The coin face value in 1 armour (nearby 2 USD) will cost 36,30 lata (lkolo 70 USD). The maximum circulation « Coins of time III » will make 7000 copies.

On a silver part of a coin Moon phases, and on niobii &mdash are engraved; woods, rocks and reservoirs of our planet.

Color coins are known for a long time among numismatists, but before them created, enamelling metal or a paint.

Odnolatovye of a coin with the horseshoe image on a backspacing will be let out by circulation one million copies (on 500 thousand everyone) and will not be republished.

are let already out odnolatovye coins with the image of a stork, an ant, borovika, Spriditisa, a cockerel, a bagel, Janova of a wreath, the pine cone, a snowman, etc.

All of them are official means of payment. However people try to save them in the collections, informs an information portal « Telegraph ».