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In Vologda students freeze on employment and at home in a hostel

Neither to hide, nor to disappear from colds to students of a city of Vologda.

Lectures write in varezhkah and when after pairs come to a hostel, get knitted socks and scarfs from a case. To use heaters it is forbidden - shabby electroconducting. Old networks will not sustain modern power consumption. But, breaking rules, students on the quiet include heaters.

- If we will not use a heater - to an oak we will give, - has told to the correspondent « » the third-year student of VGPU Tanja. - Batteries heat normally. At first thought that blows from windows. When we them zakonopatili, it was found out that blows from everywhere: from - under a window sill, from a floor, from walls. It is intolerable! I sleep under two blankets in a grandmother`s down scarf and warm socks. And on steams I sit in a jacket and gloves!

In Vologda freeze not only students, but also inhabitants of city apartments in this winter. The day before in one of houses in the street Preobrazhenskiy air temperature was +16 degrees.

- We come to apartment, the call with complaints whence has arrived, and we measure temperature indoors - Natalia Starikova has explained the technician on duty. - Norm are 18 degrees on Celsius. There, where below norm, we come together with thermal inspection, we check, what parametres arrive from a boiler-house.

Meanwhile, under forecasts of weather forecasters, it becomes fast in Vologda more warmly. Tomorrow temperature in   to regional capital will be from - 16 to - 18 degrees.