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Dmitry Medvedev at OSCE summit has mentioned an ecology question

the Organization Summit on Securities and Cooperation in Europe has opened in Astana. Russia at a meeting is represented by Dmitry Medvevdev . The Head of the state has already made speech. OSCE summit top-level with participation of heads and representatives of the states is spent for the first time for 11 years.

- It is necessary to think and of the contribution of OSCE to the decision of questions of interaction on so-called extreme reaction to natural technogenic accidents. Perhaps, the most important is working out of uniform principles of settlement of conflicts. It not force application – consent achievement by the parties, respect of the co-ordinated trunk-call and peace-making formats, maintenance of the rights of the civilians who have appeared in a zone of the conflict. I will repeat that settlement on such questions should be valid absolutely peace. Application of military force as it tried to make a management of Georgia concerning South Ossetia, is absolutely inadmissible.