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The Latvian businessman: It is necessary to overcome fear in front of Russia

the Constant representative of the Latvian confederation of employers in Russia Zigurd Skrodelis in interview to portal Nozare. lv tried to dispel fears of the Latvian enterprises in relation to occurrence on the Russian market. In its opinion, « it is necessary to get rid of these fears ».

« Many Latvian friends were interested at me, a leah it is possible to enter on the Russian market, a leah is it chaotic? If companies Nike and Toshiba on this market it is possible to enter there have entered. Have patience and study a market ambry. It is necessary to overcome fear in front of Russia » - considers Skrodelis.

the Businessman considers that though to Russia and other approach to start business, and the nervous system here should be strong, « Latvians can sustain it ».

While Latvians « are captured by fear » Their own recipes will apply here, the businessman has warned and has given an example the Russian enterprise, which itself lets out « the Riga bread ».

Speaking about corruption in Russia, Skrodelis has told that it depends personally on everyone. He never gave bribes though many times there was a desire them to receive.

It depends on how everyone puts itself(himself). If has bribed once you will be and another time - the businessman has told, informs an information portal mixnews lv.