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In Syktyvkar will pass the ending of competitions on mini - to football within the limits of the project “ mini - football in school “

27 - on January, 30th, 2011 in Syktyvkar the final stage of competitions on mini - to football within the limits of the project « will take place; mini - football in school » among school ะส commands. Competitions are spent for the purpose of realisation of the all-Russian project « mini - football in school » revealings of capable football players, popularisations and developments of republican and domestic football, and also selection of the strongest school commands of Republic Komi for participation in the All-Russia final tournament of the project « mini - football in school » which will take place in March.

In a final stage   winners   will take part; and prize-winners of a zone stage of competitions which was spent in Ukhta, Pechora and Syktyvkar. Pupils of comprehensive schools from Syktyvkar, Sosnogorska, Ukhta, Mikuni, Pechora, Vorkuta, Inty, Syktyvdinsky, Kojgorodsky, Priluzsky, Ust - Vymsky areas on four age groups will compete: younger group - 2000 - 2001, average group - 1998 - 99, the senior group - 1996 - 97, juniors - 1994 - 95. In a line-up - 11 persons, from which 10 participants and   1 trainer - the representative (boys with girls separately). Each game will consist from   two times for 15 minutes of general time.

Victorious teams of educational institutions in a final stage of competitions will award with a cup, the diploma, memorable prizes. Commands - prize-winners   - diplomas and memorable prizes, players of the team - prize-winners will award with medals and reading and writing. The best players of a final stage   competitions (the goalkeeper, the defender attacking, bombardir, the best player)   will award with memorable prizes.

Solemn opening of competitions will take place in Sport centre (m - n the Orbit, Malysheva, 6เ) in 15. 00 with the assistance of Head RK V.Gajzera and the president of Federation of football RK J.Romadanova.


the Program of competitions:

27. 01. 11 – 15. 00 – solemn opening of games (Sport centre, Malysheva 6เ)

27. 01 - 29. 01. 11 - – competitions (Republican stadium)

30. 01. 11 – final games, 18. 00 - solemn closing of games (Republican stadium)