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Miners of Angarski Krai begin to receive surcharge to pension

In the end of the last year in the pension legislation of Russia important changes are brought some. Since January, 1st 2011 these changes actively take root territorial branches PFR. The first innovation entered since 2011 – social surcharges to pension of workers of the enterprises of the coal industry. The miners who have fulfilled at the enterprise not less of 20 years can count on payment.

- In the Irkutsk region nearby 100 persons will receive this payment, - the assistant to managing director OPFR across the Irkutsk region Irina Bliznets explains. – it is a little similar to payments which we give to Irkutsk pilots. Already now it is possible to submit documents on granting of such social support, and since May, 1st to start to receive surcharge.

One more change concerns sotspaketa. Earlier it was subdivided on two components: transport privileges and privileges for medicines and sanatorno - resort treatment. If the pensioner refused medicines in favour of single monetary payment simultaneously it lost also possibility to receive a preferential vacation package on a resort.

- Now all three components are divided, - Irina Bliznets speaks. – Refusing medicines, it is possible to save the right to journey and vacation packages. Besides, till April, 1st it is possible to return medicines and vacation packages which the pensioner has refused earlier. If the exempt writes the application on return sotspaketa, for example, in February in March already it will receive.

Perhaps, the most global changes have concerned the parent capital. Since new year it can be spent for habitation building by own forces on own earth. Here payment shares on two parts: the first is given originally on erection of the base, walls, roofs. The second – subsequently on end of works and furnish. The parent capital can be spent and for habitation reconstruction if you have decided it to expand, having attached, let us assume, a verandah to the house.