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The Finnish Union of Kareliya is dissatisfied with an interdiction of Russia for land selling to foreigners in frontier territories

the Chairman of the Finnish Union of Kareliya, the deputy from party « the Center » Markku Laukkanen considers that Suomi should bring up a question on transactions with real estate in EU and at negotiations with Russia.

According to Laukkanena, the decision of the Russian Federation on introduction of an interdiction for land selling to foreigners in frontier territories contradicts pressings forward of Russia in the field of upgrade.

« Simultaneously with desire to establish more close relations with Western to adjust closer cooperation with EU, to enter in members of the WTO, to turn to the European lawful state, Russia enters more and more rigid restrictions. If Russia wants to move ahead by the way of upgrade, it should to reduce, to the contrary, a frontier zone and to resolve at least as experiment land selling and other real estate to foreigners, and then to look that from this leaves » - has told to news JULE to Mark Laukkanen.

we Will remind that the Finnish Union of Kareliya expresses interests of the Karelians living in territories, departed to the USSR after the Second World War.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has declared yesterday that demands from Russia of explanations concerning the decree of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev from January, 9th. The decree contains the list of frontier territories on which foreign citizens, persons without citizenship and foreign legal bodies cannot possess on the property right to the ground areas.

News about it has called indignation of politicians and the public of Finland, Russian service Yleisradio confirms .