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At Tula air - a landing division the new commander

the commander 106 - j Guards air - a landing division Krasnoznamennoj of order of Kutuzov of a division is appointed by the Order of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation of guards colonel Vladimir Kochetkov.

past Saturday, on January, 22nd, it has started the duties.


Vladimir Anatolevich Kochetkov

Was born: on March, 5th, 1965

the Birthplace: village Subbotino of Shushensky area of Krasnoyarsk region

Marital status: it is married, nurtures 2 - h daughters.

Education: in 1988 has ended the Novosibirsk higher military - political obshchevojskovoe school.

Served on various officer posts in 242 – m the educational centre of preparation of younger experts Air - landing armies.

In 1999 has ended Obshchevojskovuju academy VS of the Russian Federation.

Career: since 2003 - 2005   ordered 104 - m Guards desantno - an assault regiment 76 - j Guards desantno - an assault division (Pskov).

During the period since 2005 - ordered 31 - j separate Guards air - a landing brigade (Ulyanovsk) 2007.

Since 2007 on 2010 ordered 7 - j desantno - an assault division (mountain)   (Novorossisk) in which structure participated in operation « on compulsion of Georgia to the world » for what is awarded the order For merits before Fatherland 4 - j the item
For courage and heroism, display   at execution   a soldier`s duty it is awarded by orders and medals.