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In Kaliningrad on to a zebra have brought down the known bayan player

In Kaliningrad on a pedestrian crossing the known bayan player in region, the honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Struchenkov is brought down. As have informed « relatives of the musician, state of emergency has occurred on the Soviet prospectus near Baltic military - sea institute.

Vladimir Filippovich passed « a zebra » on green light, it needed to reach sidewalk of one and a half metre. Two numbers of cars stood, passing pedestrians, however on the third row on huge speed the car was carried by. Struchenkova has rejected back, it has flown by some metres, having fallen to a dividing strip.

With the hardest traumas Vladimir Struchenkov is hospitalised. The tragedy has occurred on Saturday, on January, 15th, and till now the man is in a clod.

the Driver is detained. It is known that to it 31 year, and officially it – the unemployed.

Vladimir Struchenkov works as the teacher in the Kaliningrad regional musical college of S. V.Rakhmaninov on a bayan and accordion class. Manages regional association of teachers on a bayan and accordion class. Has prepared 9 winners and 2 students of the international competitions, winners and students of the All-Russia and regional competitions.

In 2006 the Decree of the president of Russia to Struchenkovu appropriates a rank « the Honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation ».   Spouse Vladimir Filippovicha – Marina Rashidovna - heads the Kaliningrad children`s music school of Shostakovich.