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The Norwegian lawyer nelegalki demands Maria Ameli to wait a little with its dispatch to Russia

the Mental status nelegalki Marias Ameli who a judgement should is sent from Norway to Russia, very bad, its lawyer Brjunulf Risnes considers.

Brjunulf Risnes up to the end fights for that its client did not deport from the country of fjords.

Maria Ameli`s Lawyer urges the authorities of Norway to wait a little with dispatch of its client to Russia until its health will improve.

The day before Maria has been examined by the doctor and, according to its lawyer, is established that its mental status « rather serious » informs Russian portal of Norway.

we Will remind that on January, 13th Maria has been arrested by police on affairs of foreigners and placed in the closed receiver for illegal immigrants in Trannume. Therefrom illegal immigrants deport from the country.

the Court of Oslo has decided to arrest Maria on two weeks during which it will be sent by the plane to Moscow. On court it has been noticed that the Russian authorities will accept Maria according to the contract about readmissii.

In a number of cities of Norway demonstrations against Maria Ameli`s deportation have taken place. Against the decision of the immigration authorities politicians from Working and Socialist left parties have acted.