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The number ill with measles in Krasnoyarsk slowly, but grows

Number ill with measles has increased by 1 person are an official data of a regional Ministry of Health. Now in Krasnoyarsk laboratory confirmed 7 cases of measles, at 6 persons suspicion on it. From among the diseased, five are hospitalised, two are isolated in-home – as physicians assure, at not complicated forms of it it is enough.      

It was possible to define a virus strain - it from Uzbekistan. We will remind, the ambulance surgeon who has arrived on a call to the child which family has got over from Uzbekistan to Krasnoyarsk on a constant residence has caught the first.

Zoe Maslennikov, a press - the secretary of a Ministry of Health of edge

not to admit infection distribution, all who was in touch with infected, doctors daily examine. In this list not only the family of patients, but also their fellow workers.

In city hospitals the vaccine against measles for adults has arrived. In plans of a Ministry of Health to impart in a city 3143 persons, but also vaccination will pass about 5 thousand migrants on all edge.

At the regional government it is created sanitary - protivoepidemicheskaja the commission which will work while epidemic threat will not disappear completely.


Measles - sharp infectious virus disease which is characterised by high temperature to 40,5 ° C, an inflammation of a mucous oral cavity, the top respiratory ways, konjunktivitom, a characteristic rash on a skin and the general intoxication.

the measles air Are passed by a way. Sick measles it is infectious with 2 - uh days of the incubatory period and to 4 - go day vysypany.

not Complicated forms of measles treat in-home is more often, hospitalise only patients with heavy forms or in epidemic.

the Basic method of preventive maintenance of measles is vaccination which enters into the National calendar of inoculations. Inoculations put to children in the year, six years and the adult from 18 till 35 years. For 2010 in Krasnoyarsk region from measles 100 % of children aged about one year are imparted, and repeatedly vaccinated – 99,8 %. Vaccination within the limits of the National calendar of inoculations becomes to the population free of charge.