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The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Latvia any more does not speak on - russki

Minister for Foreign Affairs Girt Valdis Kristovskis has told to the Latvian radio that considers itself « the responsible politician who keeps the thoughts around ».

At the same time, making comments on prospects of present head of the state Valdis Zatlers to be re-elected on the second   term, it has estimated extremely positively.

According to the minister, the working president of Latvia can be re-elected on a post of the head of the state the second time.

Besides, Kristovskis has mentioned in conversation that has listened to an appeal of the former party fellow « the Civil union » the infamous American doctor of the Latvian origin of Ajvara Slutsisa, and more at all does not speak on - russki.

we will remind that Ajvar Slutsis has published in newspaper Neatkar both #299; g and #257; The announcement in which urges Latvians to cease since March, 1st to speak on - russki and to communicate only in a state language.

Kristovskis has declared that it « wishes to speak in the country on - latyshski » also that many Russian-speaking inhabitants of the country also speak with it on gsjazyke. And by way of exception it gives interview in English or French languages, inform « to Conduct today ».