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Inhabitants of Lithuania are disturbed by a failure of a policy of the country in relation to Russia

the Majority of inhabitants of big cities of Lithuania (58,8 %) achievements of present foreign policy of the country estimate only at middle tier, and 17 % - are negative.

It shows poll spent by a weekly journal « Vjajdas ». Hardly less a quarter interrogated (21,4 %) on a broader scale negatively estimate spent by the president and the government foreign policy.

More all sympathises Lithuanians with state attempts to normalise the relation with Russia, the greatest alarm is called by increasing pressure with Poland.

Thereupon the greatest number of respondents - almost the third part - on a question with what of the nearby countries of the relation at Lithuania develop most badly, have responded that with Moscow and Warsaw.

the Weekly journal reminds that two years ago more than half of respondents considered that the most bad relations at Lithuania develop Russia, and with Poland – almost three times it is less, than at present.

Poll of 500 inhabitants of big cities by request « Vjajdasa » was it is spent by company Primeconsulting 17 - on January, 19th, informs an information portal ru. DELFI. lt.