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On what the angered garbage truck

quite often such situation is capable arises and in a court yard of one of houses around metro station « Star ».

Bloger garfild_xs, the girl by name of Svetlana, has placed in community spb_auto the story about musoronyh problems of the court yard. There careless drivers quite often leave the cars so that garbage trucks cannot take away the overflowed containers.

As a result the garbage is saved and saved, packages with a waste put already anywhere, and it is not aesthetic and is not hygienic.

tenants are not glad to such neighbours. To one of them, closed the « Audi » journey to tanks, was simply made by packages with garbage on a cowl. A good lesson of a polite parking.

Packages put with garbage directly on the car
the Photo: garfild_xs




Recently struggle was entered also by the driver of a garbage truck. Having arrived to a court yard and having seen that the entrance to a dustbin is occupied by the next genius of a parking, the driver spetsavtomobilja has simply unloaded the empty container in the middle of journey.

« to Leave to the grey car it is unreal, only if to dig out snowdrifts on the right or at the left. And still from - for it ****** all court yard should leave in a roundabout way, through some other usual crude Petersburg court yard. Not one minus to 100 it in a karma » – writes bloger, sympathising with a garbage truck.

the Lesson of a polite parking from Spetstransa
the Photo: garfild_xs

By the way, in comments to this fast it is found out that just the same situation has occurred and in other court yard of the same area, to the address Moskovsky prospectus,   197. Quite probably, as in that, and in other case one driver worked. Or such instruction is given all experts « Spetstransa »?

By the way, judging by popularity, and this fast left in top ZHZH and has received more than six hundred supporting voices, the problem is very actual and for others blogerov.

we Will remind that in one of court yard kommunalshchiki have decided to struggle with drivers stirring to garbage removal with the help shame boards .