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In Ulyanovsk has burnt down the car

the Fire has occurred early in the morning on Monday. At the car going in a dense stream along the street Rjabikova, has tumbled down a smoke from - under a cowl. The driver has sharply turned out « the Gazelle » to a roadside the engine snow also began to fall asleep. A leah there was at it a fire extinguisher put for such cases, it is not known. In some minutes into place incident there have arrived two fire-fighting crews. However, to approach on the car on a transitive path it was possible only to one tanker. Ognebortsy have developed a fire hose and during pair minutes have filled in a smoking motor compartment. « a gazelle » has strongly suffered – has burnt out not only the engine, but also partially salon. The driver of the car has not suffered.

And the day before to avoid victims it was not possible. On fire the inhabitant of working settlement Mullovka of Melekessky area was lost. He has choked with a strong smoke which has captured the wooden house. A presumable cause of the fire – Casual handling of fire at smoking.

At cargo Gazelles the engine
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