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As chose the main architect of Kaliningrad

In administration of Kaliningrad chose the main architect of a city. Eight persons applied for this honourable and responsible fast (more in detail about it read in from August, 6th). The correspondent has observed intense competitive struggle.


the Person from Nizhnevartovsk

the First has entered into an administration boardroom the architect from Nizhnevartovsk Dmitry of HARES.

- Why have decided to participate in competition? - Has asked the applicant the chairman of the commission, the first zamglavy administrations Danuta SMIRNOVA.

- At myself in Nizhnevartovsk I can promote, become glavarhom only years through twenty, - admitted Hares. - it does not suit me.

There was a sensation, what Nizhnevartovsk (by the way, where it on a map?) Is, at least, New York. However committee-men have not paid to it attention.

- And what does not suit you in architecture of Kaliningrad? - Has asked a question one more committee-man Alexander ZUEV who responds in administration for municipal property.

- At you an industrial zone in city centre, and the big problems with territory flooding.

Committee-men have with astonishment exchanged glances. More questions to the architect was not.


the Soul is ill

After that architects came into a hall on one with an interval fifteen minutes.

- the Soul is ill, - architect Oleg KUPERDJAEV fairly admitted, explaining the desire to become the main thing among architects.

As priorities Kuperdjaev named development of a transport infrastructure, a pulling down of shabby habitation, preservation of green plantings and reservation of squares in territory of lakes - Bottom and Top.

- So reservation or continuity of squares? - Committee-men have taken an interest.

It there was obviously a loaded question. The matter is that still two years ago Kuperdjaev worked in Architectural masterful Bashina . And the public considers the former main architect almost as the main originator of building of squares and parks. From here and a question on continuity.

- It is not necessary to break anything, - Kuperdjaev has responded.


we Will draw to Kaliningrad the person

On Danuty Smirnovoj which have already brought to a traditional attention to the question why the LEAH architect Igor has responded on a piece of paper.

- I Want to make a city beautiful, interesting and suitable for residing.

Committee-men have discontentedly frowned.

- And also to realise the general plan according to the program socially - economic development, - Igor Li has hastened to add. And almost with pleasure has finished:

- the City and has not received the person!

- That you managed to make for three years of work the main architect of Svetlogorsk? - Has asked a question upravdelami to administration Sergey VOROPAYEV.

- Unfortunately it is, a little, - the Leah has responded. - but the desire was. We even have developed building and land tenure rules.

committee-man Alexander Zuev silent some time Here has given tongue.

- you worked in Tashkent, - the official has insinuatingly noticed. - not so green city

This question Zuev, probably, the Leah has tried to learn the relation to the green plantings mercilessly destroyed last years.

- Yes same wilderness, - it was distributed where - that in the end of a hall. - small small houses yes mosques at every turn. Interesting

- it do not agree, - the Leah has interceded for Paul Sarkisov, it is a lot of years worked in Tashkent. - the greens there suffice.

One more seaside architect, this time from Zelenogradsk, Michael the PEASANT has come into a hall trace.

- In Kaliningrad there were town-planning errors, - the architect has declared. - it is enough to look out in a window. It is necessary either level, or to eliminate them.

- you, of course, excuse, but Zelenogradsk have transformed into village, - almost with offence Alexander Zuev has responded to this remark.

- To us the general plan have not confirmed - there was a Peasant.


the Confirmed project - the law!

the Most emotional performance has turned out at architect Alexander nevezhina.

- there Comes special time, - Nevezhin has declared. - At us the structure has changed, and there is a hope of changes to the best. I see problems in architecture and I know ways of their decision.

It there was an obvious curtsey towards the commission, which members - unanimously representatives of new structure of administration. As to city architecture first of all Nevezhin, in case of its election, has suggested to organise dialogue between builders, the authorities and the population.

- Problems all that there is no civil society which does the order for building of territories. Well and, of course, it is necessary to make so that confirmed on gradsovete the project became the law for the builder.

After all applicants have been listened, each committee-man should estimate candidates on a five-point scale. Igor Li has defeated, it has received 34 points from 35 possible. When an applause was distributed, was found out that the winner even is not present in a hall.



to Igor Aleksandrovichu Li 53 years. It began labour activity by the engineer of institute Uzgiprovodhoz in Tashkent. In 1990 becomes the head of bureau of the Tashkent centre Environment - the East . Leah in 1992 moves to the Kaliningrad region where holds fast of the head of the municipal enterprise Architecturally - industrial bureau in Svetlogorsk. With 1994 for 1998 was the main architect Svetlogrska. Known projects - hotel Falke in Svetlogorsk and an entertainment complex Olimpik in Kaliningrad.

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