Rus News Journal

Schools have passed examination for security

Last days before September, 1st hot not only for schoolboys and their parents. The inspector on affairs of minors survey each corner - classes, attics, cellars, libraries Check illumination, work of disturbing buttons, emergency exits, lattices at windows, look, whom security guards pass inside. Firemen check the automatic fire alarm system. GAI officers - territories round schools. If there there are any extraneous cars, quickly ask to clean.

Remarks to the Yaroslavl schools practically are not present. Here only in zavolzhskoj 77 - j just quickly establish the automatic fire alarm system.

Small problems   are connected with dining rooms. Not at all schools they will work in the first days of September.

- In Dzerzhinsk area at nine schools will establish modern parokonvektomaty - to prepare dietary dishes on pair, - has explained the chief of department of education of Dzerzhinsky administration of Lyudmila ZERNOV.   - but the question with a food of children is solved - pupils 5 - j schools will eat in 10 - j, kids from 29 - j will go in 55 - ju, and for senior pupils will open buffet - razdatku. Certainly, not too conveniently, but after all it is temporary!

And here at rural schools the situation is worse.   in shabby small houses where no more than 10 children study to mount the fire alarm system for 100 thousand roubles - pleasure the expensive. Two elementary schools in Brejtovsky area - Ljahovsky and Sevastjanovsky, probably, remain to be empty. Kiddies will carry buses in the nearest school.

will not open now and elementary school building 2 in Danilov. The reasons - malfunctions in electroconducting and mouldering overlappings. Building have closed on major repairs which will last two months. For now kids will begin new academic year in another, high school.


last days before September, 1st all schools will protect round the clock. At night before Day of knowledge of school cynologists with dogs survey. And on celebratory rulers militiamen will be on duty.