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64 - the summer inhabitant of Tiraspol, protecting the wife, killed the guy

This tragedy has occurred about two o`clock in the morning on August, 28th on one of streets of Tiraspol. The group young, a little drunk, guys has by the way touched the elderly woman selling in the street flowers. While it is not clear that they to it have told, but the florist has there and then called on the mobile husband and has complained to it. Everything that has occurred further it would be possible to avoid, the blessing guys already have almost disappeared round the corner. But 64 - the summer spouse nevertheless has decided to understand abruptly with offenders. It took on help 34 - the summer son-in-law, and also has taken with itself a kitchen knife. They have caught up with young men and began to understand with them. In a hand of the elderly man there was a knife which it at first has struck one of guys, and then another. The others have run up. 24 - the summer guy who has got the knife wound in a liver, has managed to pass still metres hundred, has fallen and has died.

the Approached police officers have detained the murderer who, by the way, did not resist.

- the Arrested person has told that wanted to kill nobody, and simply wanted to understand with offenders of the wife, - has told and. An island of the Public prosecutor of Tiraspol Alexander Tanurkov. - But those began to offend it and the son-in-law, therefore it and has pulled out a knife to scare it. He simply swung the Knife, trying to wave away, and in the heat of quarrel a reserve of one of guys.

the Son-in-law tried to stop in time the father-in-law, but it was not possible to it. On the given fact the Office of Public Prosecutor of Tiraspol brings criminal case postate Murder . To the arrested person threatens from 6 till 15 years of imprisonment.

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