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Our officials ask to buy it Audi

in March wrote that Smolnyj has allocated the with the little less than 70 million roubles for purchase for the garage of 17 cars: on 4 million for a piece.

All then guessed - that it will be for cars? Also agreed in opinion that or Mercedes, or approaching on a class, the price and shown requirements Audi . Requirements, by the way, not the most simple: besides abrupt interiors in salon there should be necessarily two ZHK - the monitor with remote control, a powerful subwoofer with 6 dinamikami, the device of change DVD - disks, a seat with ventilation and adjustment on length, height and an inclination. Well and, certainly, phones with embedded system hands - free .

And here has come true! Members of the city government have changed one of these days on new machines. To large officials have bought Audi A8 . But on it updating of a motor car park of a city administration yet has not ended. After members of the government to update the motor car park state employees and a rank have solved more low.

to Assistants to chairmen of committees will hand over 15 Volvo S 80 on 1,4 million roubles. To heads of department of central office will buy 13 Ford Mondeo in cost of 752 thousand roubles for everyone. Well and remained will distribute Ford Fokusy having spent for everyone on 592 thousand (all 29 cars will buy). Total - on 48,6 million roubles.

By the way, passengers of office transport smolninskogo garage are the governor and 8 vitse - governors, 7 more members of the city government, an order of 40 chairmen of committees, heads of departments, and also numerous officials a rank more low. For them it is supposed to buy 15 cars.



At Smolnogo in garage already costs:

6 Maxim`s Nissan

6 Ford Mondeo

22 Volga

2 Ford Fokus

1 Ford transit

1 Chevrolet Field

2 Frets

2 Nissan - the Prime minister