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In Kazan have found the newborn in a garbage tank

in the Evening on August, 13th Revolt street has announced crying of the newborn. But the kid not in a carriage, and in a garbage tank near the house 8 cried.

the Kid was found by tenants when have gone to throw out garbage. Tiny parcel in a polyethylene bag plaintively complained. Dumbfounded by a find, one of women has there and then called police officers and physicians. As doctors then will tell, the kid have thrown out on a dustbin as soon as he was born.

Now the boy is in 1 - j to city children`s hospital in branch of a pathology of newborns.

- It have brought with not cut off umbilical cord, all in blood, - the doctor 1 - j city children`s hospital Galija JUSUPOVA has shared with correspondents . - If in time were not converted to doctors, it would not survive.

Physical injuries in the child have not found out. The boy is healthy as the athlete. Only one small defect - at the child on the right handle six fingers - distinguishes it from other children in branch. Physicians named it the God`s gift and have nicknamed the baby the lucky person . And as the kid was born in day of a feast Honey Has rescued, have given a surname Spassky and have named Bogdanom. Nurses worship the child, but is fast they with it will leave. As soon as to the kid month will be executed, it will send in Children`s home.

However, in the nearest new parents the boy will not find half a year.

- As the boy the foundling, it is impossible to adopt it under the law six months. Mother has not been write refusal of the child, - has explained Galija Jusupova. - It is possible to issue only guardianship over the child, but interested persons yet were not.

Mother if it is possible so to name it, will be responsible attempt at murder of the person who are down and out . However, it at first should be found.