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When minibuses on Pridachu

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To Voronezh there has arrived Misha Porechenkov! It simply nice fellow! (Interview to the actor read in on Monday - Red.)


the Society of invalids of the All-Russia society of deaf persons is immensely glad to teletext opening on channel TVTS!

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When will go minibuses on Pridachu? From station it is possible to leave only by a taxi!

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- we know About this problem, townspeople constantly call with complaints, - Vladimir BUHONOV, the chief of department of passenger transportations of the mayoralty has responded us . - But, unfortunately, to start up in this party new routes a city cannot yet - there are no means. As to improvement of work of already existing routes it is literally one of these days we discussed this problem with the chief 41 - go the bus. He promised that with an early autumn for work there are additional cars.