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Russian krymchan want to count?

last week the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir OGRYZKO has declared: a pier, workers of the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies spend work on revealing of citizens which have illegally received passports of other state . In this connection and for what - nobody has understood. But in the light of last political events of a word of the minister there and then have acquired conjectures in the spirit of ours are going to beat . Across Crimea hearings have spread: on peninsula have decided to take on a pencil all Russians. The pier, the more Russian in Crimea, the is more probability of the Russian intervention in a policy of Ukraine. Here also make special lists .

But one of these days Russian krymchan were slightly calmed by Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko. Being in Simferopol, he has declared that the militia of Ukraine has no possibility to find out, at whom how much passports. Well really not on houses to go with checks! To spend   census too it is senseless - who admits?

- Integrity and country freedom lie not in a plane of presence of this or that passport, - the minister has underlined. - though it is illegal - to have two passports for the citizen of Ukraine.

that while anybody shmonat will not be, has calmed the people.

- Well will count us - and what? I do not understand, how it can hurt to me, - is quiet   the citizen of Russia, sevastopolets Andrey Karpov.

Some Crimean politicians are voiced in such spirit:

- In the constitution of Ukraine it is declared uniform citizenship but in the Criminal code punishment for a dual citizenship is not provided. Otherwise it should to plant half of People`s Deputies of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine for the Israeli passports and, probably, the wife of the president of the country - for the American passport.