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It is possible to subscribe at once for several potential deputies

In Belarus there is a petition for those who wants to become candidates and on September, 28th to be overcome for a place in parliament. To you did not come yet? Will come, and time and again! To participate in elections, it is necessary to collect at least one thousand those signatures who lives in election district. “ sets seven naive questions on how correctly to leave the autograph in a subscription list.

1. Who collects signatures?

Only officially registered members of initiative group on promotion of the person in candidates. Each of them should have a certificate of a member of initiative group (the photo see).

to Leave the autograph it is necessary on special subscription lists in which it is specified in support of whom signatures gather and who collects them. Your name, date of birth, a residence, a series and passport number can write down and the collector of signatures. But you should put date and the signature, the hand!

Collect signatures can in the street - for example, near the market or department store, and can come to you home.

2. A leah It is possible to subscribe?

And   even the door can to be opened, if do not want. Or to open, listen collectors and to refuse. Moreover: even if you have subscribed, before giving of signatures in district election committee you at any moment can change the mind and withdraw the signature.

3. How me to persuade?

In any way! Neither to persuade, nor to agitate while for the person who plans to participate in elections, it is impossible. Collectors of signatures can tell only the biography of the potential candidate, show its photo. Even a leaf with the information on the person to you cannot give - only to allow to honour and take away! Otherwise it already propaganda, and it is forbidden. It will resolve, when the potential candidate becomes the high-grade applicant into place in parliament.

4. A leah It is possible to subscribe without the passport?

Is not present! Any driver`s licences or “ I remember the data “. An exception - military men of involuntary service, they can use the identity card.

If you have lost the passport, you have instead of it a special time identification card, which to you a distance in militia. Then in a subscription list its number registers. It is possible to specify also requisites of the identification card replacing the passport.

5. A leah It is possible to subscribe for the potential candidate who will stand on the next polling district?

Even if applicants in parliament which can be selected on your site, are not pleasant, and on next, in your opinion, the decent person participates in elections, support it you cannot. To the contrary, if subscribe, will render it an ill turn - your signature recognise as void.

And here on the site you can subscribe not for one potential candidate, and for two three and etc. It it is necessary to vote for one, and to subscribe - though for all

6. What to do, if you force to subscribe?

to Force, insist or as - that to press on you absolutely illegally. You can safely refuse to any who wants to receive your signature, and in any way it not to explain. Is not present - and all. If business takes a serious turn to complain of actions of the chief or another “ the boss “ it is possible in the Central Electoral Commission, in district election committee, and even in Office of Public Prosecutor.

7. What then will be with signatures?

Till August, 19th all signatures pass in district election committee. There check a minimum of 20 % of signatures: look at correctness of registration and find out, a leah the present autograph.

If the commission had a doubt, your a leah is the signature, to you can call and politely specify, a leah you appended the signature for such - that the candidate. If you speak “ yes “ the question acts in film. If you do not remember, and tell.

And here if you did not undersign for the candidate, the signature recognise as void. If, after several checks, more than 15 % from the checked up signatures appear void, it already refusal in check in.



Under the law the potential deputy should collect a minimum of 1000 signatures. Usually anybody is not limited to one thousand, collect 1200 - 1300 signatures. Before submitting documents to the election committee everyone 15 - ju, and even 10 - ju the candidate will reject. For example, the signature with a blot or with a list in other section.

At those who has collected one thousand signatures, and at those who has collected five thousand, the right identical. If them will register, they again begin with zero and again struggle for your voice.



From - for signatures removed candidates

From - for void signatures have refused check in by the candidate …

- eks - head of the Office of the President Leonid Sinitsinu and eks - to the candidate for presidents of Belarus to Vladimir Gonchariku. Invalidity of signatures was confirmed with the conclusions grafologov;

- to the founder of the Union of Poles of Belarus Tadeushu Gavinu. He has declared that on people who have not confirmed the signatures, pressed: came to them with the divisional and the chairman of the Village Soviet;

- to trade-union leader Alexander Buhvostovu. Among signatures in support signatures of minors have been found out, in certain cases dates have not been put with own hand by citizens, and the part of signatures is collected not in district territory. Besides, seven persons have written applications that did not subscribe in support of the trade-union figure;

- to the former deputies Sergey Skrebtsu, Vladimir Parfenovichu, Vladimir Novosjadu, active workers of opposition to Yury Zaharenko and Victor Korneenko. For all void signatures there were expert judgements;

- eks - to deputy Yury Morozovu. For all signatures recognised non-credible, corresponding expert opinions have been received. To the answer of Frosts has presented written statements of citizens that they with own hand appended signatures in its support. Some voters then even have come to the Sovereign court that it to confirm.



Active worker BNF stands from army

This case can become precedent. Active worker BNF Vitaly Karatysha have taken away in army already after its initiative group has started to collect signatures. The problem that in district election committee it should carry signatures personally or issues the power of attorney.

If Vitaly will register, he will ask in army holiday on carrying out of propaganda campaign. If it suddenly becomes the deputy to it should give a draught deferment. At least for 4 years of work in parliament.



to collect one thousand signatures, potential δεοσςΰςσ* it is necessary …

- to Spend 200 hours. After all everyone subscribes far not! And it is necessary to bypass all apartments.

- 50 hours to talk to voters. On one voter who will subscribe, 3 minutes leave on the average.

- to Use up 63 subscription lists. The data of 16 persons is located on one sheet if to write everyone to single line. Often the data is not located in single line then the maximum of 126 sheets is required.

- to Use 3 or 4 handles. One handle on the average leaves on 20 subscription lists.

- - to collect 315 grammes of a paper if signatures have gone in on 63 sheets. And it is twice more - 630 gramme if one thousand signatures at you has gone in only on 126 sheets.

*Θλθ to members of initiative group