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That with the prices in Moldova in September


will Put on it possible, but not on a season

Show-windows of shops and so already dazzle with inscriptions “ Sale “ and in the first month of autumn we are waited by the maximum reduction of prices. However, on a summer collection. On sale expose not only summer bluzochki, shorts, bathing suits and vests. But also barefoot persons, etnie shoes, a bag and costume jewellery. However, all that hardly is required to us in the winter.  
but that who is not afraid be in the unfashionable next summer, it is necessary to walk on the shops which have declared discounts and sales. Perhaps, something also buy.


“the Velvet season“: the prices creep downwards

September holiday-makers it is possible to please: the prices for vacation packages this month will not jump up, and even, to the contrary, will fall. But nenamnogo. As have assured us of capital tourist agency, every year more and more the Moldavian tourists predpochitajutotdyhat in September. Therefore demand for vacation packages this month does not fall.   if you, for example, are going to go to Crimea, holiday will manage to you approximately in 350 dollars from the person. Rest in Romania or Bulgaria is a bit more expensive - from 320 euros from the person in a week. But do not forget that for entrance to Bulgaria it is necessary to open the visa. Well if you have decided to have a rest in Turkey on system “ Ol inkljuziv “ it is necessary to fork up and pay from 550 dollars from the person.


Tomatoes and pepper while “ do not grow “

In September, as a rule, the prices on domestic fruktovo - vegetable production are stable enough, - have calmed the correspondent in administration of the Central market. (Though where still it and to grow!) . Just in September of the mistress are accepted for “ zakatki “ and other winter preparations. But farmers and secondhand dealers, nevertheless,   do not try to raise and without that “ excited “ the prices. So can the budget on purchase of vegetables and fruit to plan on “ August “ to the prices.


Analysts and experts in confusion

to Trace movement of a course of the basic currencies became for us not simply habitual business, and vital necessity. And we daily ask a question: “ What will be with dollar and euro? “.

- the Situation uneasy, - speaks the chief executive of the Center of strategic researches and reforms Galina SHELAR. - After all inflow of money to Moldova continues to grow. And, not only at the expense of guest workers, but also at the expense of investments, credits and even the help suffered from flooding. And here that will be with leem further, we not undertake to predict. To foresee today dynamics on the future it is very difficult.
  but on the international image, strengthening Moldavian leja affects positively. Besides, the phenomenon of strengthening of our currency impresses also foreign experts. In the analysis prepared by German Commerzbank it is said that in the first half of the year 2008 Moldavian pour has become stronger in relation to euro on 15 %, to dollar - on 17 %. And on hardness it concedes only to the Czech crone. Analysts Commerzbanka consider it as favourable circumstance for investment to Moldova.


the Happy hour and gifts

Autumn - traditional time for discounts and gifts. And home appliances shops thus too will not remain in the shadow.

- We really plan some actions, - the selling assistant of one of capital shops of home appliances speaks. - can participate all. Even if your purchase will be not so expensive.

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