Rus News Journal

Electric train of Sochi - Krasnodar have mined

- All we leave cars! The station cannot accept us! - the conductor hurried passengers. All were indignant, but collected the kotomki.

- it is good though breakage has happened in city boundaries, at factory of a name the Gray hair! - muttered tetechka with a huge bag. - and that as from suburb - that to reach?

- Not breakage it, and a bomb, - the man with a small suitcase has told.

- Here such was! All have started to run up! - with a shiver in a voice student Nadja tells. They with the girlfriend came back from the sea. - our electric train was late minutes on fifteen. In 20. 50 we have asked to leave cars, and there were then police cars. One man very loudly used foul language, represent, it had a ticket to Rostov exactly at nine o`clock. He was not in time on a train!

- And all it from - for any the joker . Yesterday we were called by the man and has informed that in an electric train the bomb is put, - the employee a press - services Azovo - the Black Sea Department of Internal Affairs on transport has explained us Maxims MARKS. - we have informed at once on it to the machinist.

evacuation of people Has begun. Experts - sappers, cynologists with dogs have into place left. However after careful check of all electric train law enforcement officers and have not found out an explosive.

By the way, the person calling quickly have established. The insane person the inhabitant of Adygea has appeared it, which itself does not know, what for it has made it. It consists on the account in psychiatric hospital in Sochi. Therefore to hope that will seriously punish it, it is not necessary.   It will solve court which will define degree of its diminished responsibility. And after all from - for it the joker at many plans were defeated.