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to Mow from army it is already unfashionable!

- hello, it the Direct line ? My name is Natalia. A leah truth, what soon again will change service life and now in army will take for 2 years and 8 months?

- I Hurry to assure: it only hearings. Any instructions, any orders, and on a broader scale no preconditions to it existing. To be stirred there are no reasons.

- Thanks big, other questions at me are not present.

- Good afternoon, Vasily Petrovich disturbs. Tell, under what conditions can call up for military service reserve officers?

- Only in case of their voluntary desire to cast in the lot with Armed forces of Russia. And, of course, in case of the martial law announcement - but then all country will rise on protection.

- And with what last modification of service life is connected? Why have decided to reduce till one year?

- Most likely, it is connected with   a demographic situation in the country, and also with processes on reforming of Armed forces of Russia.


- Alexander Vladimirovich, help me. My name is Alevtina, my son soon leaves to minister in army. A leah it is possible to choose a combat arm to which it would be desirable to go on military service at medical board passage?

- to Study the future recruit we begin even at statement on the military account in a year of execution of 17 years. Then also define, in what armies on a state of health and physical parametres the young man can minister. Certainly, wishes of the recruit are considered, however, defining all - taki becomes not its desire, and physical and, naturally, intellectual data.

- it is clear, thanks.

- Hello. At me such question: about my acquaintance have forgotten in a military registration and enlistment office. Any summonses to it does not come If it in twenty eight years follows the identity card, a leah can it as - that to punish? Though its fault in this evasion is not present, what responsibility for it threatens?

- the Military registration and enlistment office cannot to forget about the person liable for call-up. It is a nonsense. Anyway it is necessary to check up this fact. Personal trial Here is required: a leah there was it on a broader scale on the account why was not in a military registration and enlistment office. I advise to be converted into the nearest military registration and enlistment office and to specify there all necessary questions. Besides the appeal on military service is made only till twenty seven years. Each citizen of military age with 17 till 27 years is obliged to stand on the military account.

- I Greet you, my name Yury Gennadevich. The son this year ends the university fifth year. I heard that in the Siberian military district there are officer courses. What it is necessary to make to get on them?

- In Chita there are courses of second lieutenants. That them to finish, it is necessary to be suitable on a state of health, to have higher education and to serve on an appeal in Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

- Hello, Natalia disturbs you. Tell, please, why in fleet service life twice more than in land forces?

- According to new additional edition of the Law About a conscription and military service since January, 1st, 2008 service life on an appeal in all kinds and combat arms makes 12 months.

- My name is Anastas Nikolaevna. My son has left school, to it eighteen years. If it does not arrive - it will take away in an autumn appeal?

- it is unconditional.

- And if it arrives, but transfer will pass after necessary term?

- Such on a broader scale cannot be. After transfer does not happen. If your son successfully passes examinations, types quantity of points necessary for receipt five years it is possible not to be stirred about what. The Credentials committee, as a rule, always passes long before the beginning of an autumn appeal, lists of the arrived go to military registration and enlistment offices. Can not worry: the main thing that your son has successfully taken place introductory tests.

- very much to you it is grateful, have calmed

- My name is Elena. A question here what. My brother since fifteen years is engaged in special troops at UFSINe in settlement Kueta. Now at it there has come military age, it leaves to arrive to Kuzbas in legal institute on military stand. How you think, it is good alternative of army?

It is, of course, healthy: it will receive both a civilian profession, and military. After release it becomes the reserve officer. If will want - will go to minister under the contract. If is not present - remains on to the citizen . Have already cancelled obligatory poslevuzovskie 24 months in army. So it is possible to consider that to your brother has very much carried.

- Alexander Vladimirovich, hello! Explain, please, that threatens the organisation which have employed the employee, not having identity card? A leah it is possible to consider it some kind of concealment?

- At acceptance for work the staff department is obliged to get an account card where it is written on the future employee, a leah is it the person liable for call-up. All organisations working in territory of edge, stand on the account in a military registration and enlistment office and according to the plan periodically pass checks. During checks we achieve, that legislation infringements were eliminated. In this case, if the citizen is employed without the identity card the organisation should inform on this fact in a military commissariat. The military commissariat puts the citizen on the military account and gives out it the identity card. The organisation which has broken an order of the military account of citizens, abiding in a stock, can be involved in administrative responsibility - to the penalty.

- Olga Alekseevna my name is. Help, please! My son serving in army, constantly complains in letters and by phone that at it intense relations with colleagues. A leah can translate it in other part?

- Rebukes and conflicts, of course, take place to be: if the soldier does not carry out the problems put before it if it looks poorly on the general background and does not correspond to the requirements shown to the soldier every day, - whether it be physical exercises or tactical doctrines, - it can quite become object of ridicules of colleagues. If the similar fact has occurred, transfer, in general, is possible. It is necessary to be converted to the commander of a regiment or to its assistant on educational work - they will spend trial and if will consider necessary transfer in other part, the soldier will be dosluzhivat in other place. Such cases happen, we try to penetrate into each situation and to help military men on an appeal, experiencing complexities.