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The pensioner has shot the neigbour from - for two hundred parts

This history has shaken not only inhabitants of a village Elizavetinsky, but also worldly-wise militiamen. Yesterday in the morning 71 - the summer grandfather has got through a fence on a neighbour`s site, has made the way in another`s house and has shot from a sawn-off shotgun of two women. And after has come back home and has directed a gun to itself to a chest... [Attention! The photo contains violence scenes]

- Even eight mornings were not, as I have heard shots, - the inhabitant of street Yana Polujana remembers. - At first thought that boys on bottles pulkami shoot, and then militia has seen. And as has learnt - has not believed. Nikolay such quiet was, intelligent, a fly will not offend! Not that that Tomka - the troublemaking, greedy woman, with it here everyone has had time to swear. It has finished it, oh, has finished...

This narrow transition from one house to another - just those two hundred parts of the earth, from - for which had legal proceedings neighbours.
a photo: Yaroslav POTAPOV

According to neighbours, Nikolay and Tamara some years had legal proceedings from - for two hundred parts of the earth. 50 - the summer woman complained that the fence costs not there where follows supposedly have deprived of its earth. And the man demanded to clean from its site a neighbour`s cesspool. Not so long ago process has come to the end not in favour of Nikolay. And all anything, yes only the lost has not left the neighbour alone.

- She as gloated over, sneered at us, specially to Kohl lead up, - the wife of the victim cries Alexander GARICHEVA. - Windows of its house to us in a court yard leave. So Tamara on a window sill has put itself icons - images to us. And still cut out from magazine of an eye of people and glued on glasses - a pier, I watch you. Every day drove to itself drinking companions, they rustled, drank. Here the husband also has not sustained.

Troublemaking Tamara put to itself on a window sill of an icon in the images in the next court yard. And to it lead up Nikolay even more.
a photo: Yaroslav POTAPOV


- the Second lost woman - the casual witness, she simply lived together with Tamara, - the chief has explained a press - services of the Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar Ilya JACKALS. - both women do not have families. On a broader scale, now we interrogate neighbours, we establish the incident broad picture.


- And here with the divisional we will understand still - not clearly why in its territory there was a forbidden weapon, - Denis ODEJCHUK, the inspector on especially important issues of investigatory department across Krasnodar Investigatory management of Investigatory committee has underlined at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. - in the near future we will file criminal charges, which, most likely, will be closed. To judge - that already and there is nobody...

As the divisional has missed this sawn-off shotgun, will establish a consequence.
a photo: Yaroslav POTAPOV
the House in which there lived the pensioner finished before murders and a suicide.
a photo: Yaroslav POTAPOV

Through this fence has managed to get over 71 - the summer grandfather, to finish off the greedy neigbour.
a photo: Yaroslav POTAPOV