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We SEARCH for JUDGES D - - And - Z - And!

you really love a jazz? Dream to get on an exclusive concert of group of the best drummer of Ukraine Alexander Murenko? Then call in

- This concert - a great occasion for the Krasnodar fans of worthy music, - is considered by the area manager of the International festival of modern music and a jazz in Koktebel Oleg MOHOV. - We hope that people who are a good judge of modern music on September, 5th will gather. Them with support and KFH Chalova V. N we will invite and to the well-known Koktebelsky festival in Crimea. The matter is that we collect the bus of the Kuban judges of a jazz which for couple of days to festival Krasnodar - Koktebel will go to travel. Know that on this action there are no casual people if you receive invitation is expensive costs. Not literally, of course, because action is absolutely free.  

By the way, the festival in Crimea will take place already in the sixth time. From September, 19 till September, 21st world jazz stars and admirers of their creativity will gather in a heavenly spot Koktebel.

to get there, call by us to phone (861 253 - 73 - 82   till September, 3rd. on September, 4th the creative organising committee will select 100 persons from among the phoned. These lucky beggars absolutely free of charge   will go on a concert of an Ukrainian a jazz - a band in Krasnodar! The author of the brightest call will receive a disk with autographs of actors.

Will carry to someone to listen the virtuoso alive... Click and look all photo gallery.
the Photo: from personal archive of the musician.