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In Moldova has passed sanctification of the Keprijansky monastery

is an event important for some reasons. Works are already almost complete, for August, 28th the monastery temple has had, orthodox celebrate a feast of assumption of the Birth-Giver of God, - the head of the state has noted.

According to Voronina, the monastery of Keprijana, which basis concerns 1420, was considered as a cradle of the Moldavian writing, a publishing house, music and architecture. At various times here came gospodari to Alexander of foreheads of Bun, Shtefan of foreheads of Mare, to Peter Raresh, Alexander Lepushnjanu, metropolitan Benulesku - Bodoni. They, - Voronin has underlined, - not simply knelt down before monastic icons, but also in every possible way supported this mansion of belief.

In Keprijanah the head of the state has tried on solomenuju a hat. Channel Pro photo - TV.

As the president believes, the monastery of Keprijana and is today the continuer of century traditions of Christianity in Moldova, focusing in itself powerful spiritual power of the nation, capable it to unite for the sake of achievement of well-being of citizens.