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In a song Water Papanov has added muck

Yesterday in booths of Petersburg there was a next release Classics of a genre . This time it is devoted the best animation tapes of well-known director Harry Bardin.

Harry Bardin`s Well-known cartoon film the Flying ship became legendary. Thanks n no small part to the poet - pesenniku to Yury Entinu who has written verses to more than 150 art and animated pictures ( the Bremen musicians Adventures Electronics etc.) .

the Character has appeared from a bathroom

- Business was so, - Yury Entin remembers. - We were on friendly terms for a long time with Bardin. And here once it shows me the scenario the Flying ship . There there was such character - Water. As looks that should sing - it is not known. On my surprised: Tell at least, what character at it Harry has responded: You the poet. Take and think up!

that I will tell further, many consider as a joke. But it is a naked truth. Harry has suggested me to reincarnate in this character. There was no place to disappear. Has come home, to a communal flat, has put near to a bathroom a stool, has put a pencil and a paper and has got into water. Has passed 10 minutes, neighbours began to knock persistently. Here in such extreme conditions the song Water was born. By the way, it at me the most favourite.

Entin called children to dissidentstvu

From odes Water is connected much and other stories.

- In 1985 in publishing house the Soviet writer there should be a book of my verses, - the poet - pesennik remembers. - I have asked, that on a book cover have drawn Water, and with the first have printed just its song. All is already ready. As suddenly I am am called by the director. Awesomely asks:

- Tell, and you the party member?

- Yes.

- Then all right to respond why you call the verses of children to dissidentsivu?

is what?! - I was surprised.

- do not pretend to be! And as Eh! Life my tin! And well it in a bog! I live as poganka. And me to fly hunting ?

- Well same Water sings. It in a bog, it is boring to it

My arguments have rejected. A poem from the book cut out.

As Anatoly Papanov has changed a song

- Me have invited to record of a song Water which Anatoly Papanov should sound. I was late a little. When to me have allowed to listen to record, I very much was surprised. After words I - Water, am found nobody with me. In me - voditsa. Well with such to be found? Oppositely! suddenly has clearly sounded: Faugh, what muck!

Has rushed to Papanov: Same not my words. I such did not write! It appears, Anatoly Dmitrievichu very much did not like all these living creatures. And it, so to say, has taken a detached view of it. Editing was not pleasant to me. But it is good that to me have not listened. And this line all - taki remained in a song.

the Hostel for harmful elements

- One more interesting story has occurred to a song about the Baba-yaga, - Entin laughs. - Under the scenario Water gives Vane an axe. And to it the Baba-yaga should tell secret of an oak. And here I have written a song of it a harmful element . It began with words: JAgoju frighten kiddies .

the Song was pleasant to all, I have received the fee. And here Bardin calls to me: You know, I here have thought up a new course. There will be a hostel, and   in it there will live thirteen Grandmas - ezhek . Represent my status? Has not sworn nearly with it then. But has sat down to table, and on light there were chastooshkas about them.

SHCHAS we WILL sing!

Chastooshkas of Grandmas - ezhek

of Muses. M.Dunaevsky, J.Entina`s words

Stretch furs, an accordion,

Eh, play - najarivaj.

Sing chastooshkas, the Grandma - ezhka.

Sing, do not talk!

I was tipsy

And flied on a broom.

Oh, I itself do not believe

In these superstitions!!!

There was I on wood home,

Was co-ordinated lines for me,

Thought - the man,

That for devilry!

I Have turned home,

Again lines follows me.

Has spat on plesh to it

And has sent to leshemu!

Most harmful of people -

Is the storyteller - the villain.

Here the liar skilful,

Is a pity that it tasteless.