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All say lies calendars!

anniversaries, in particular anniversaries of outstanding scientists, assume usually a format of a certain academic sketch. We have decided to break traditions and to tell about the hero of the festivities rector SGU Leonid Kossoviche without pathos, being guided first of all by youth.  

the Winner of the State award in the field of a science and technics, the doctor fiziko - mathematical sciences, the professor, the person, on rektorstvo which struggle in competition of innovative projects and victory in it, put the whole mark of economic and spiritual lifting of high school - all it has had, words are not present, impresses and gives rise to sacred thrill. Well, and what it in ordinary life? What loves? What abhors? To that rejoices? You have a rare possibility to look on jubiljara with the help However, will not run forward.

the Call to elements

Leonid Kossovicha`s Favourite picture - the Highest wave Ayvazovsky. And, having responded so on a blitz question - interview, professor Kossovich himself was surprised to the answer a little. After all in painting it likes much. Impressionists, Toulouse - Lotrek And suddenly from great variety   masterpieces of artists of all times and the people there was Ayvazovsky. Paradox? By no means! According to psychoanalysis,   spontaneous, prompt, without time for meditation the cloth choice on which the powerful elements rage, bears to fearlessness of customs. About readiness to accept battle and to win it.

the Spirit of a brotherhood

would re-read Books which professor Kossovich loves also which with pleasure again, be for this purpose time, it Three musketeers Two captains War and peace and Three companions . All products bear   about a romanticism shred,   Peculiar jubiljaru, and about adherence to spirit of friendship, fellowship, a corporate brotherhood.

to the Author of these lines Leonid Jurevich told about one of the friends - Julia Kaplunove`s professor - in such excellent expressions that the psychology golden rule at once was remembered: to recognise talent and scale of others only self-sufficient persons can. Still Seneka has noticed it.

a Parable unlocking character

One of favourite witty parables from Kossovicha. To a wise man two women arguing among themselves come. you are right, about the woman - the wise man of one of them speaks. Made happy with so flatter estimation   the debater leaves. Just the same phrase is heard also by its opponent. And when the third woman with reproach reminds a wise man that the arguing adhere to absolutely opposite points of view both, so, cannot be right, that reacts with truly Olympic calmness: And you are right, about the woman .

That it is possible to tell from the point of view of psychology about the man loving a similar plot? Such man on - to the present is magnanimous to female weaknesses and realises that the woman really is always right. And what exactly in female weakness is concealed remarkable force.

the Law of conservation of energy

On a question: In what age period you feel yourselves? - Kossovich   has responded: you will not believe, but on feeling to me of no more than thirty years . Why we will not believe?! Very much even willingly we will believe. The effective, young wife, life in a mode of constant meetings, negotiations, flights from one country in another, acceptance of the most serious decisions - all it quite in style of the thirty-year man. Add on to all listed responsibility for the university city which quantity of inhabitants equals thirty thousand persons. The whole army - knowingly in Tables of ranks of the Russian empire the rector was equated to the general.

About reincarnation - with a smile, about genealogy - it is serious

On the offer to dream up, whom it was in antecedents, Kossovich has reacted with a good-natured smile: the Orthodox christian cannot countenance such question, but is simple as the person     it is interesting to me to learn something new even from area of magic secrets. I do not remember already, when and where, but I saw once the table in which day and year of my birth appeared. According to this table I lived in the last centuries in Poland and went with a sword .

the Spontaneity and sense of humour bear to inquisitiveness and an openness of the professor to the world. Also confirm that Three musketeers not casually are one of its favourite books. By the way, it agree already to quite real family tree, among Leonid Jurevicha`s ancestors really is Polish shljahtichi. As, however, and the Saratov merchants, white officers and red security officers. Such here a cocktail of blood and social accessories. Which ideally helps the professor to find common language with the most different people and to carry on negotiations at the highest level.

By the way, more recently rector SGU has received the letter from representatives of prestigious American scientific community. The Americans who have estimated adherence to principles and courage of the Russian professor at negotiations, yours faithfully name Leonid Jurevicha the present fighter - the gladiator. Now to you it became more clear, why Kossovich has preferred the Highest wave to all other cloths?

the Father and the son

Relations   the known father and the son who studies in a graduation class, are always interesting. However my question on secrets of education of the adult and simultaneously still young fellow-heir has raised a smile at the rector. I never understood and   I do not understand pedagogics in the form of tiresome notations, - Leonid Jurevich has said, - education is possible only in the form of system of personal acts. As to the son I start to be proud of it. The high, beautiful, proud young man with the deep internal life. Extremely concentrated and concentrated. Sometimes I roughly am indignant concerning the remarkable filial obstinacy integrating all and all of youthful maximalism, and suddenly distinctly I realise: and after all it - my copy!

According to psychology if the father recognises for the son the right to resemble it, it bears to fatherly life in harmony with own destiny. We do not aspire to alter only the one whom truly we love.

Tomorrow begins today

Unlike many people convinced that a modern society trite both cheap teleshows and doubtful quality corrupt teleserials, and also not that that turned yellow, the press is faster pooranzhevevshaja, Kossovich is convinced that the society, first of all, undermines and the economy which is not allowing   destroys; adequately and fairly to earn to overwhelming number of capable and decent people.

From teleshow, the rector considers, it is possible to be protected. To switch off the TV enough. And here from impudence and aggression of such shameless economy to escape more difficult. Leonid Jurevich does not doubt that Russia on - to the present will powerfully and resolutely rise only while most talented of the Russian youth will not need to search for work in Moscow, especially in the West. Kossovich builds university social policy so that most gifted of the young had every chance for fastening in SGU. Apartments in actively under construction houses, possibility of the interesting and well paid work guaranteed effective fondovooruzheniem SGU, returning on beneficial terms even those stars - the former graduates SGU that have already begun to shine in a foreign sky, clever and far-sighted stimulation of leaders - here only separate fragments rektorskoj the policy addressed to youth.

Rector SGU Leonid Kossovich does not doubt that the Saratov classical university will be included not simply organically into world educational space, but also will very soon make real and an intense competition to university centres of science of Europe and America.

Mathematical laws of a divine origin

And all - taki is strange that to this person sixty. And simultaneously there is something symbolical that the sixtieth anniversary of the rector was necessary for the 100-th academic year of classical university with which at it all life is connected.

And which he very much aspires to make successful, innovative, prospering. Anniversary of the person strengthens high school over which it supervises, anniversary of high school is multiplied by the person working for its blessing. Accidents on light does not happen. At the heart of life -   mathematical laws of a divine origin!

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