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Ladies` men live less faithful husbands

Scientists of Novosibirsk institute of systematisation and ecology of animals of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science have proved: muzhiks who go on the left, live less approximately in one and a half time. However, as the experimental; rabbits they used not people, and mice - pestrushek.

- Within several years we observed of behaviour of rodents which constantly change the partners and behaviour steppe pestrushki is one of the most correct rodents, - the laboratory chief of ecological bases of protection of a genofund of institute of systematisation and ecology of animals Michael Potapov tells. - also have made here what supervision: when the male remains in a family, it favorably affects offspring development, on well-being of this family and a status of the male. And at incorrect small animals hormonal level considerably grows. First of all, it concerns testosterone (it still often name a man`s sexual hormone). Under the influence of it immunity decreases, small animals to a bowl are ill.

Scientists are assured: same concerns also incorrect men with what psychologists agree also:

In - the first, the man constantly feel diskomfortno: and it is a shame to it with change before the wife, and houses a situation nakoljaetsja, and here still the mistress on phone keeps ringing. In general, the vicious circle and a heap of the spent nerves, -   turns out; the family psychotherapist is assured; Nikita Lezin. - In - the second, it is pure from the biological point of view from - for constant changes parnerov it wears out the organism.

Why men change?

Novosibirsk scientists and the reason of man`s incorrectness Have tried to explain. They have made such experiment Over small animals. In the tank on the one hand put sawdust with a smell native females, and on the other hand - with a smell the stranger, also started there males. The male steppe pestrushki always chose sawdust with a smell of the female, and other rodents - with a smell the stranger.

- From the biological point of view a choice incorrect we will explain so: at instinctive level they want to leave as much as possible offspring, - Michael Potapov tells. - and though the person influences, of course, much more factors, changing, men spend all the   forces and their health worsens.

Similar experiment put in due time   and the American psychologists, only in public.   to 10 men suggested to smell   T-shirts of different women, odnana from which was their wives. 9 from 10 smell of the wives have guessed, but 5   the smell from other T-shirt was more pleasant:

is meant that psychologically to the man something   does not suffice in marriage and consequently ongotov on change, - the psychotherapist speaks. - We will admit, if the man does not have harmony with the wife in bed it can seek satisfactions elsewhere. The same situation if the man with second half does not have mutual understanding and constantly there are quarrels and conflicts. Then he tries to distract from all difficulties with other woman, removing collected stress.

And absolutely ridiculous fact: rodents who changed, caught from new " is more often; young ladies parasites. I think, here the analogy a straight line appears. In general, whatever one may do and to correct representatives of a masculine gender and in the world having a tail - striped is is easier!

By the way

How to save a family from changes?

Here some advice from Nikita Lezina how to avoid matrimonial changes:

-   In relations there should not be a habit. The woman should surprise constantly the husband both in bed, and in an everyday life: For example, to give romantic parties. In general to do everything that the pair was absorbed by routine. Same concerns also men!

- Down with dressing gowns and hair curlers: for the husband the wife should be the most desired woman in the world. And it carries the refined peignoirs and beautiful underwear!

-   say the spouse that it for you - the best More often! After all men love not only eyes (in sense appreciate beautiful appearance), but also ears!

-   And the most important thing - women and men should communicate and discuss constantly all problems in process of receipt, instead of save against each other a negative. After all sometimes kind quarrel is much better than a patched-up peace!

the Joke in a subject

At gate of Paradise and the Hell apostle Peter has constructed abreast men:

- Who though time has fooled around - a step forward.

All have stepped forward except one - the fair husband. Apostle Peter:

- Well... All in the Hell. And the deaf person too.

the Man`s sight ( Dmitry BUKEVICH )

Lovely women, trust us more!

Heard about Yokes - the Nobel Prize? It give for the most unnecessary discoveries. And so, these guys - to biologists need to give it. Same it was necessary to guess - to torment poor hamsters to learn, why muzhiks on the left go. And who has guessed to compare us, men to hamsters?... And on a broader scale, if about the woman always speak the cat zajka a small fish men always compare with any negative beasts. Judge: the man should hardly be more beautiful than a monkey Petrov on women goes, as a March cat and Etc. unfairly it is all!

But I have distracted. Change business, of course, bad, but is not necessary all and in a crowd of it to accuse. Is, eventually, and men loyal to the spouses. Though women why - that in it do not believe. And in vain, after all all also begins with mistrust. Here you live to yourself, the correct and loving spouse, and thy half constantly suspects you, something thinks such about you, watches not worse the security officer. Any nerves will not suffice! It is no wonder that eventually such man really starts to change. With despair and a hopelessness. So lovely women, you, frequently push us on it.

And if it is serious, levaki   do not paint the man. And we undertake to store to you, women, fidelity to the last and to love you not made up, in simple house clothes and even in hair curlers and a face pack (though it is difficult!). ONLY and you to us, expensive, trust more and do not suspect of all capital sins.