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Bumboks does not love an exotic cuisine

Funks - gruv - the group is formed in 2004 in Kiev by the vocalist of group Andrey Hlyvnjukom and the guitarist of group Tartak Andrey Samojlo. The new collective has quickly typed rates and became recognised.

While all country sings to Watchmen and the Five-storey apartment block Bumboks has finished work on the second album and has gone to tour tour. On October, 22nd the group comes to Tyumen. The concert will pass in London Club on Lenin`s street, 4. The price of entrance tickets today 700 roubles, tomorrow - 800 roubles. Inquiries by phone 36 - 50 - 18.


Bumboks prefers to stop in five - and four-stars hotels. It is required to group three single suites and as much junior suites.
in household rajdere it is stipulated: In case of settlement of actors on the ground floor it is necessary to be convinced, that at number there is an alarm system/ lattices or the hostel is well protected .
In each of numbers there should be juice (orange, multivitamin or cherry) and still water.


At the disposal of group during abiding in Tyumen should be a minibus. The car should be with tonirovannymi glasses, conditioners.

a Food

It depends on the schedule of abiding of collective in a city. Bumboks warns that does not eat in pizzerias, shashlik houses, fast food, restaurants of Chinese and other exotic cuisine. Musicians are inclined to European and Ukrainian cuisine. At the menu necessarily there should be hot meals. On sandwiches during a supper and a breakfast the taboo is imposed.
where actors will eat in Tyumen - will choose.

the Make-up room

is necessary for Group a separate make-up room or other adapted comfortable premise with mirrors, a sofa and ashtrays.
necessary in a make-up room the ironing table, the iron and towels appear the first point. And then - an electric kettle, black and green tea ( Tetley can be Greenfield ) in assortment, honey, lemons, fruit (apples, grapes, oranges and so forth), coffee, a light meal (bread, cheeses, meat cutting, tomatoes cherri, olive trees and etc.), juice (orange, apple, cherry, multivitamin), not aerated mineral water ( Evian Vittel ).