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Eight beauties have arranged in Tyumen performance

last week in Tyumen the whole landing of star ladies has landed. Eight have arrived to our city amazing gratsy - Samokhin, Olga Matushkina, Irina Domninsky, Natalia Lesnikovsky, Olga Orlova, Alexander Nazarov`s Anna, Evelina Bledans, Darya Sagalova. the Sac lovely women weighed neither more nor less - already two tons! Such is weight of scenery to premier performance 8 women and which the well-known actresses have presented on October, 16th in Tyumen.

Arrival of a star landing to skirts was marked by a big agiotage. In stoppers, in rush hour stretched on all highways, only conversations on that also were audible, as though not to be late for performance. At the philharmonic society of the man tearfully asked to sell a ticket. At least at the speculative price. So it would be desirable to see perfect ladies in the play under the scenario of Frasua of Ozone. Leah it is necessary to say that the premiere has passed at the notice, and remarkable game of actresses has surpassed all expectations. However, spectators discussed actresses more.

- Samokhin`s Anna as remarkably looks! And Evelina Bledans well simply beauty, -   shared impressions tjumenki. - Olga Orlova like again would grow thin. Very long ago it it was not visible.

On the eve of arrival to Tyumen Darya Sagalova was wounded in a train. From all to a move has decided to close a door of a compartment and has got on a hand. In Perm it was necessary to be converted behind the help to physicians. Fortunately, to our city of Dasha has arrived with all healthy extremities.
in Tyumen actresses had properly a rest in numbers, have played performance and, having photographed with the admirers expecting at an office input a philharmonic society, have returned to apartments. In 6. 15 mornings of Friday they have left to Chelyabinsk.

the Photo gallery: 8 women in Tyumen.