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You love Oleg Mityaev`s creativity and you dream to visit its concert?

three evenings on end, from November, 12 till November, 14th, on a scene of MKhAT of Bitter will sound well-known, and also new songs of the honoured artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Mityaev. Our five readers who the first will correctly answer quiz questions, will receive on two tickets for a concert. So,
1. What role of the poet Oleg Mityaev in a theatrical performance in 1992 and how this performance was called has played?
2. To whom Oleg Mityaev`s song " is devoted; the Black maple ?
3. In what year there was a book of verses and Oleg Mityaev`s songs Give with you we will talk and who has written the preface to it?
4. On Oleg Mityaev`s what songs the Studio has executed parodies of the SMALLPOX?
5. How the program on radio the Chanson which was conducted by Oleg Mityaev and who was the second leader of this program was called?
Answers direct to the address: conkurs@
Names of lucky beggars we declare here.