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Debts TSZH the Union and the Leader have made 11 million

last year from - for debts in houses nearly have not broken a cold season.

More than four years the history with fellowships of proprietors of habitation " lasts; the Union and the Leader . We will remind that these municipal organisations were up to the ears in debt, as in silks. For today the situation is not become better. For all this time the amount of debt has run almost on 11 million roubles.

Inhabitants of houses who concern these ill-starred TSZH where only were not converted behind the help. At people of eternally problem with hot water supply and heating. Last year the cold season on a broader scale has appeared under the threat of failure. That heat has come to apartments penzentsev, the city authorities had to pay off for heating from the local budget.

Deputies of a municipal duma, having heard the report of the assistant to administration of Lenin area of Penza of Alexey Polosuhina, have declared that concerning management TSZH the Leader and the Union it is necessary to take measures.
- preventions any more do not frighten them, - deputies were indignant. - improvements in work it is not visible. Every year debts for municipal resources at them only increase.

Mayor Ivan Belozertsev, having estimated a situation, has come up with idea on that on heads TSZH to bring an action.

Now in TSZH the Leader 54 houses enter. In them live 7953 inhabitants. As have explained in administrations of Lenin area of Penza, repayment of debts management TSZH is going to carry out at the expense of receipt of budgetary funds and the means received from the population.

In TSZH the Union 43 houses, live in them of 8 thousand persons. In October their debts have made about 6 million roubles: for the electric power, heating, gas, service of lifts. A leah

Can get out of such distress TSZH the Leader and the Union remains the big question. But inhabitants have already ceased to hope for a miracle.


In a city change lifts

Lifts in the Penza houses for a long time already have fulfilled the term. That lifts are necessary for changing, tenants of high-rise buildings speak, agree with it and the Management management housing - municipal services of Penza.
- in such lifts it is dangerous to go, - townspeople complain. - It is more safe to go on foot.

to Rise on the third - the fifth floors - not a problem. But what to do, if you live on 10 or 14 floor? In such cases for circulation serious physical preparation is required.

Now in a city is an order of two thousand lifts (it only in municipal buildings). The quarter from them has served for a long time already the term. This year will replace only 26 lifts. Money will arrive from the federal budget, 5 percent from cost of works will be paid by tenants. It is planned that next year works on replacement liftovogo the equipment will proceed.


Kommunalshchikov will punish rouble

Work city MUPov constantly calls censures penzentsev. Now to struggle with careless kommunalshchikami it is solved by radical methods - rouble. As the assistant to the head of city administration Dmitry Shurov has declared, to management MUPov begin to apply rigid penal sanctions for unfair execution of the direct duties. For example, if in your court yard within several weeks do not clean fallen down leaves, and at an entrance the lift do not wash more than ten days from the serving organisation draw out money for the maintenance of this house. The size of the penalty will depend on how much gross infringements has admitted MUP in available housing service.