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Rostovchanin remained on to Fight of psychics

Alas, but in passed days off rostovchanin Alexander Ozerjansky could not show the abilities though did not become the applicant for a departure.

Our psychic, not bad having started in the first programs of the sixth season Fights of psychics   it was fixed on average positions.

In the first task it did not manage to distinguish a problem from which the young man has come on the program (it the compulsive gambler), but in the second was literally in one step from victory. Test passed in the electric train car where among numerous passengers there was one at which in a sock lay 10 thousand euro.

Psychics should specify in this person. Only one participant of the project - Elena Smelova could define unmistakably the necessary passenger, and here the Rostov psychic has shown on the person who sat to it a back.

But almost It is not considered, that is why at rostovchanina there was a chance to be rehabilitated during the third test, very heavy on emotional heat - participants of the project were brought to a place of ritual murder of four girls. Alexander has felt dark power, but unlike other psychics, could not tell about an event.

the Leader of show Michael Porechenkov.

- In the last program Alexander has perfectly well proved to be, correctly having defined among numerous people of the necessary person (with the prison past - a bus comment) Therefore we hope that victory in to Fight by it it is not missed, - speak in TNT - Rostov .
we Will remind that yesterday, on October, 19th, following the results of the program anybody the best did not become, and to leave Fight it was necessary 47 - summer   Asijat Shabanovoj from Dagestan.


Alexander Ozerjansky, 55 years:

Ekstrasensornye abilities - a commonplace, each person possesses them

All enamoured - psychics, after all they allocate feromony and as though charm each other. On a broader scale, I would not began to name ekstrasensornye ability supernatural because it is a commonplace, each person possesses them. I practise much, in the work I use a magic staff, Molitvoslov and beads.

Any sacramental is a theatre which helps the psychic to create the necessary atmosphere, and to the client to concentrate. Once I have cured the woman of a paranoia of all for 10 days. I practise 30 years, often I put on a special robe and recently I do not take money for the work.


Who from Rostov has still visited on the project:

- psychic Emilija Gerches, participated in the ending Fights of psychics - 2 ;

- Valentine Nikitenko`s healer, participated in the ending Fights of psychics - 2 ;

- psychic Vadim Selin, participated in the ending Fights of psychics - 3 .

a TV channel photo TNT - Rostov .