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Victims in an air crash will bury in Perm all the week long

Sunday, on October, 19th. O`clock in the afternoon. On the road conducting to Northern cemetery, stoppers - today (up to October, 23rd - the Bus) Again bury the people who were lost in a monstrous air crash on September, 14th.   actually bury not people, and their souls wherefore in capsules the remains identified   are collected only; on DNA of relatives, that is practically anything

- the Cemetery such big that though all the day go - you will not bypass, - the father tells to the little son.

the City churchyard is really huge, but to victims the Boeing have allocated places, is closer to an input.

Twelve freshly exposed tombs wait for the hour for now souls of victims read the burial service in a graveyard temple.  

In church round Olga Petrovoj`s white polished coffin its family with crying candles in hands has gathered. The widowed husband with a mineral water bottle in the left hand, being tightened by a cigarette, has sat down at an input, and has come into a temple only towards the end of burial-service - to kiss a crucifixion.

Passes about an hour, and here on change to one chain of relatives lasts   another.

to Say goodbye to the general director of the company May Oleg Jashmanovym and his family - wife Yana, her mother Marina, 4 - summer Simeon and Mark to whom it was not executed also year, the whole motor car park has gathered, apparently. Their fellow workers, relatives and friends from different regions of the country hardly constrain tears.  

the Wind has once again rustled with guesses: Probably, it was attempt at general Trosheva Probably, it was act of terrorism but these phrases only rolled in the general crying - already anybody nobody vinyl.

So was till the late evening - relatives came, saw off favourite in a final journey and, tired, broken by again endured grief, left.

By the evening   in the sky the sun seemed, stretching to the earth long beams.

we Will hope that a victim of accident now together, maybe, where - that in heavenly paradise. And life on the earth, contrary to everything,   proceeds