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Wagner`s concordance has deafened Amkar

last Two matches with participation of the Perm command have crowned dry steering-wheels on a board. In duels with Saturn and Terek to open the bill it was not possible. However the majority of fans believed that the goal drought will end in a match from CSKA. Games Amkara and soldiers traditionally pass cheerfully, and bombardiry commands after these duels, as a rule, are occupied by that new asterisks on " by the sweat of the brow draw; a fuselage .

Amkar has arrived to capital in the weakened structure. There was no in the field a motor of the command of Nikola Drinchich, leading defenders of Gaal and Sirakov could not act. However first it seemed that the Perm group has not noticed loss of fighters.

Gol Kusheva  

Already on the first minutes with inspection in the Perm penal the best sniper of the championship Brazilian Wagner Lav has appeared suddenly. And though the forward of Muscovites on a way to collars has beaten hardly probable not half-commands, under blow it was not possible to make a pass to it - Belorukov was on the alert and has destroyed aggressive plans army soldieries .

Uraltsy were not in debt, and soon Grishin has made impressing leap (for what has been awarded by a jeweller pass of the partner) and left on a rendezvous with the goalkeeper of CSKA. Akinfeevu during this moment has a little changed composure, and, having rushed across, it has left gate opened.

Artful Grishin tried to throw a parachute for a collar to Akinfeevu, but in calculations there was an error and a ball has departed on an incorrect trajectory. But blow of Zhirkova from the penal has been put duly artillery arts, and only skill of Narubina which has pulled out a ball from distant the nine has rescued the command.

it is visible, this incident has stirred up Amkar . Tomislav Dujmovich by means of self-directed transfer has found a head of Kusheva, and that without hindrances has shot gate of Akinfeeva - 1:0!

the Perm fans under the arches Luzniki have by and by tightened osannu in honour of the substitutes.

Doubtful a penalty

Advantage Amkara looked significantly, and it seemed that to bring matters at least to neutral result - a trick. However the match scenario prepared for the Perm fans sharp turn of a plot.

On 39 - j to minute Ivan Cherenchikov, with excessive enthusiasm sponsoring Wagner Lava, has received completely not obligatory yellow card which has considerably affected match exod. And last minute the first time Amkar the ball after draw penal has unexpectedly relaxed and has passed. Wagner Lav has cast away a ball Dzagoevu, and that has powerfully punched from a line penal - 1:1. Permjaki have left in a locker room obviously discouraged, and their trainer Miodrag Bozhovich very emotionally uttered something to the arbitrator of a match Alexander Gvardisu.

After a break a black strip for Amkara has proceeded. Wagner`s next visit to the penal was interrupted with Cherenchikov. Gvardis has immediately specified on 11 - a metre mark and has shown Cherenchikovu the second yellow card, and together with it and red.

the Perm sector of tribunes was indignant:

- Gvardis, buy glasses! Infringement was not in penal!

And it is valid, there was such impression that Wagner was filled up on approaches to penal, and Gvardis at the moment of incident was far from a scene. The goalkeeper Amkara Sergey Narubin has guessed a ball direction, however while its partners were in the catalepsy status, the first on dobivanie the same Wagner was in time and has deduced CSKA forward - 2:1.

Permjakam was necessary to recoup in minority. But they have not lost courage, and at times CSKA defence went to pieces literally. Grishin after the next standard has dangerously punched from an acute angle, and soon Dujmovich has forced Akinfeeva to confirm the high class.

In the meantime CSKA car raskatilas on a total power, and Wagner from the centre a penal head has forwarded a ball to gate - 3:1. Last minutes Amkar spent vdevjaterom after Kalashnikov`s removal, and Ignashevich after giving from the angular has finished the bill to 4:1.


Head coach FK Amkar Miodrag Bozhovich:

- it seemed To me that the judge supported CSKA. And I to it have told about it. However the fault of the arbitrator in our defeat is not present. We have lost deservedly, the rival looked stronger. Another matter that be we with its full complement, should soldiers much more hard.

the Head coach of CSKA Valery Gazzayev:

- In the first time there was a viscous game. Permjaki very densely operated in defence and very dangerously counterattacked. In the second time we have added in movement, and after removal of Cherenchikova it became absolutely easy to play. The only thing for what I regret, so it that we have hammered too little. In such game of goals should be even more.