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Fans « a Torpedo » have arranged the action in support of

command Among fans vladimirskiy a Torpedo conversations that the command will merge games for a long time went. Say, money for the first league is not present, there is nothing and to try. But conversations by conversations, and on Sunday during a match with a Torpedo - RG fans have organised the action in support of a favorite team. All who was against selling football gathered on sectors 11 - 13 (to the right of a board).

We will take places opposite to a management tribune

- Last games the command suffers more, than plays, - Alexander, one of fans " has told; a Torpedo . - Here we also have decided to organise the action in support of performance of our command in the first league. We will specially take places opposite to a management tribune to let know to officials that we against their indecision concerning our financing a Torpedo ! The big football is necessary to a city!

Before a match at a fountain distributed leaflets. The people read them and got over on the necessary sectors (it in spite of the fact that they are on the most distant end of stadium). As a result, has gathered nearby 300 persons who have risen in opposition to a management . And all on a match has come 1800.

it is visible, the action has worked on our players.
a photo: Alexander UTKIN

But at first there was the minute of silence devoted to Alexey Prokurorovu. On Sunday there were 9 days as it did not become. As a result, on a board there was its portrait, and on the top numbers of tribunes have put candles in memory of the great sportsman.

the Chief, give money!

When the game has begun, protesting have developed baner on which it has been written: When, if not now? Who, if not we? . Written supported krichalkami:

- Give money, Fishermen, on our players!

Fishermen actually here not and. Simply the people try to find the main thing - and main in Vladimir - the mayor. But it so, to a word...

By the way, game contributed in atmosphere. Vladimirtsy for the first time have created, at least, three moments, but two times the ball passed by gate, and once after Andrey Smirnova`s blow has got to a bar. But one of the rare moments at visitors from Moscow has led to a goal in our gate. On 42 - j to minute Allan Dugblej has opened the bill. The vladimirskiy football players under shouts left: We against selling football!

the Action will proceed on Wednesday

Probably, the action has worked on our players. After a break torpedovtsy have besieged penal visitors and attacked till the end of a match. On 60 - j minute to Ilya Zinin managed to even up scores. But there are more than goals vladimirtsy have not seen. A result - 1:1. And FK the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has won the meeting at Dmitrova with the bill 5:2. As a result, from 10 points (in due time such separation from persecutors was at torpedovtsev) there was only one point of advantage.

Participants of the action have decided to repeat the protest tomorrow on October, 22nd in last house match vladimirskiy a Torpedo with FK Dmitrov . The meeting will begin in 18. 00. Ticket cost - 60 roubles.


About bribability speak from ignorance

- it is easy to tell: Is not present to selling football ! - Vyacheslav Trynkin, the deputy director oblsportkomiteta makes comments on a situation. - Actually all is more difficult. Towards the end of a season at us 7 players of the basic structure have appeared is injured. Especially a serious trauma at Dmitry Vjazmikina. In a result, in a basis there were young children who sat in a stock earlier. And financing at us normal. And if the command leaves in the first league, the question with money will dare. Repetitions of 2005 should not be.


To game with FK Dmitrov Vjazmikin it will not be restored

In a city there were hearings that the captain of the vladimirskiy command Dmitry Vjazmikin was already restored and is ready to play. We were converted into a press - service a Torpedo .

- Yes you that?! To it still seams have not removed! - Vladimir Nikolsky, a press - the attache of the command has exclaimed. - yes, it is, of course, torn in the field, but it, unfortunately, only desires. We hope that to the following game Tjurgashkin will be restored. It already will be help.

And At this time

HK Vladimir has begun with two victories

Hockey club Vladimir has begun struggle in Superiority of Russia among commands of the second league. And the beginnings successfully. In Dmitrove situated near Moscow our hockey players have met local club Dmitrov - 2 . Both duels vladimirtsy have won: at first 5:2, then 4:2. As anybody from commands of the second league any more did not play, vladimirtsy occupy the first line, having typed six points.

Following two games HK Vladimir will spend houses on October, 29th and 30 with club the Crystal - 2 from the city of Electrostal. By then should open a new ice palace in City park.