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5 questions on capital repairs in Tatarstan

1. When works on the capital repairs, planned on this year will end?

on November, 1st in republic under the major repairs program last house surrenders. Such terms stand in the general plan of the state housing inspection. And as a whole, at each house the expiry date of major repairs which should be specified on the tablet located on a facade of the house. If it is not present, be converted into the management company or in ZHSK or TSZH (all depends on a way of management of your house).

By the way, the first in Tatarstan capital repairs have finished Nurlatsky area. And here Kazan while in the ranks of lagging behind - too great volumes of works, and contractors simply do not consult.

  2. How accept work?

On everything that has been made, certificates are made out. It can be the certificate for all done work or for its certain part. Representatives of the customer (a management company, TSZH or ZHSK), genpodrjadchika (the organisation which has won competition on work), goszhilinspektsii (in Kazan in it is engaged kazgorzhilinspektsija), technical supervision, proprietors of habitation (usually the signature on the certificate is put by the senior on the house) sign the document.

the Local government only co-ordinates the certificate of taking-over of works on capital repairs. There are two cases when it can refuse the coordination:

1. Use by the contractor of the means allocated for repair not to destination.

2. At excess of the confirmed estimate of major repairs.

After the termination of all declared works subscribes so-called “ the certificate of commissioning of the multiroom apartment house finished by capital repairs “.

  3. How proprietors can supervise a course and quality of performance of works?

Unfortunately, in Tatarstan, the house gets to the capital repairs program only once. So if in your dwelling now passes capital repairs, watch closely quality and a course of performance of the declared works.

its Repetition in the near future it is not necessary to wait - too big both financial and manpower resources, as for houses needing capital repairs on republic set. This year has carried to 2046 houses of republic. But even with this volume contract organisations hardly consult. Here again for proprietors of habitation the most important thing - in time to check process.

For this purpose at general meeting of tenants choose active workers. It is your seniors on the house or seniors on an entrance more often. For the period of capital repairs you transfer it the right to represent your interests before the contractor.

Pay attention to three basic questions.

1. Observance of schedules of manufacture of works. They should be stage by stage painted and co-ordinated with all interested parties. Better to say, look, when to you patch a roof or change the water drain. All terms should be observed. From - for nedokontrolja this year in many tatarstanskih houses where changed heating, heat of a distance with appreciable delay. Well weather behind a window has not pumped up - warm days stood to the middle of October.

And as a whole to supervise work under schedules should in executive committees of municipal unions and goszhilinspektsii.

2. Quality of used materials. In Tatarstan there is a republican address program on carrying out of capital repairs of apartment houses. In it - the full list of possible materials by manufacture of this or that kind of works.

Here the republican authorities have taken care first of all of us - simple tenants. It is clear that use of short-lived, cheap materials, as well as use of the advanced, but still unchecked, will bring to nothing all efforts of workers. To look at the list of the resolved materials it is possible on a site of the Ministry of building, architecture and housing - municipal services RT.

3. Quality of performance of works. First of all, remember about certificates. Especially if it is a question of certificates on the latent works - as a rule, here tenants are waited by the greatest troubles. For example, bad welding. At opressovke pipes and preliminary water delivery in batteries you risk to fill in neighbours - through welding seams full of holes water will hammer a fountain.

  4. Where to be converted, if during capital repairs carrying out the damage is caused to personal property of proprietors?

As have assured us of Minstroe, all contract organisations before the beginning of works have insured the responsibility under the turnkey contract.

If you has deluged during capital repairs carrying out (not important, a leah a roof have left unfinished, the rain has spoilt your carpets and furniture or from just welded batteries fountains have hammered), here to you the instruction on damage compensation:

*В the first stage together with representatives of the customer (a management company, TSZH or ZHSK depending on a way of management) and genpodrjadchika (the organisation which has won competition on work in your house) draw up the statement about damage causing.

*Далее the contractor will give this document to the insurance company.

*Страховщики already on a place will estimate damage scales.

*Страховые means will transfer into account contract organisation.

* And here she offers you on a choice: money to give or eliminate the caused damage at own expense.

5. What it is necessary to do, that during capital repairs to reduce arising problems and inconveniences to a minimum?

Capital repairs are always inconveniences for tenants. Unique comfort - hope that after the termination of works to live in the repaired house it becomes more comfortable and better. By the way, commercial cost of real estate will increase in such house also.

the Array of problems is and at builders: tenants do not start up in the apartments or at the moment of work do not live in the house.

During carrying out at you capital repairs try to find common language with neighbours, contract and subcontract organisations, will come into close contact to supervising bodies. After all this huge work can be executed only together. In the ministry of building of republic to us have informed that there where tenants have actively got into gear, with capital repairs of problems was not.

  On a note

Amounts of works in Tatarstan the huge. Similar experience on scales was not in other regions of Russia. But, unfortunately, not all building organisations of republic could estimate the possibilities really. At accounting meetings Rustam Minnikhanov, prime minister RT, constantly reminded gathered about terms and schedules, especially in heat giving in republic.

By the way that in next year to avoid troubles with certificates, unfair contractors and at the wrong time handed over objects of premieres - minister RT has called all in November to co-ordinate the necessary documentation.

There are problems with capital repairs in your house? Leave the messages   on electronic mail: korol kp . tatarstan . ru .

During the Direct line on October, 24th, 2008 on capital repairs Sergey Arkadevich Krajnov, the chief of state housing inspection RT will respond to all your complaints.