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Sports doctor Alexander TABARCHUK: We overfed players meat. That they have torn rivals!

- about, I remember till now taste of those pelmeni, - the one ten has eaten at once not, - remembers a Victory Day Alexander Tabarchuk. - In 1945 it there was a first feast in my life. Mum has got where - that of meat and has cooked the sea of pelmeni. The relatives look - I unconscious on a bed lie. Ask: You how much have eaten - that? . Was able to consider to hundred, and I speak: Hundred . To me then five years was. Has for the first time gorged on

In war lived in Krasnoyarsk. There the father - the lieutenant colonel, the commander of an aviaregiment - have transferred from the Kharkov flight school. Its part overtook from Alaska on front the American fighters.

I Remember that is it would be desirable always. ZHarennyj on a fire a pigeon or a daw - great delicacies! And still an oil cake from sunflower seeds where - that found. It instead of sugar candies

Hockey players mature earlier

After school Tabarchuk studies in Chelyabinsk medical institute. Is engaged in hockey, fencing, boxing. Becomes spetsom in the field of sports medicine. In 1975 him invite in the well-known ice-hockey team the Tractor .

- Then in club known masters - the merited trainer of the USSR Anatoly Kostrjukov, Victor Shuvalov - the first cheljabinets, become by the Olympic champion worked, - Alexander Tabarchuk tells. - In the command too entirely stars. In 1977 - m the Tractor wins bronze the championship of the USSR - the first and best achievement of club in allied superiority.

- Hockey - travmatichnyj a sport. Probably, works was though take away?

- all had good obshchefizicheskaja a preparation, therefore players of serious traumas avoided.

Worked and with children`s hockey school. There children since early years test very big loadings. Here there it is necessary to be especially accurate - both in respect of traumas, and in respect of various pathologies. From - for early loadings, developments of a cardiac muscle, the boy very quickly blossom. By 12 years at them pulse in rest, as at the adult person, - 60 - 65 blows in a minute. Look, 20 - 25 - summer hockey players looked already as experienced muzhiks.

Now at us on stand UralGuFk are surveyed not only the Chelyabinsk children`s commands, but children from the next areas. Recent sudden death of the player Omsk Avant-guard Alexey Tcherepanov has forced trainers to supervise health of the pupils.

By the way, sudden death of sportsmen - widespread enough phenomenon. In the world annually during trainings and matches perishes to 300 football players. These are official figures.

1987. A qualifying tournament before the Olympic Games in Seoul. Tabarchuk - in the centre, on the right - the head coach, cheljabinets Evgenie Rogov.
a photo: from personal archive.

Fiber - rescue for the football player

- In 80 - h you were the doctor of a football national team of Algeria. How it was worked with Africans?

- In the Algerian cities pretty often ramps for convenience of invalids. It speaks about much. In families on seven - eight children. If it is less, it is already indecent.

In Africa the psychology. Arabs consider all Africans cannibals . To the Negro can and be converted: You, the cannibal, do not see, where go? . In the answer hear: About the great, wise white person, excuse . All it in the form of a joke. From the return. And Jews on - kind name Jews and those in the answer smile and say that you the anti-semite .

Football there the especial. Algerians - the people lazy, do not want to train. In the championship play the first minutes 15. Then start to fall without the reason, to beat out a ball for a field, to argue with the arbitrator - in general, delay.

To us with head coach Evgenie Rogovym, too cheljabintsem, costed the big efforts to force them normally to train. In Algeria in the summer plus 40 - 45 degrees. Prepared special salt water solutions that the liquid did not leave an organism. Forced to drink.

And prepared for competitions usually in France. There not so it is hot.

By the way, in France has paid attention that the European football players stuff with meat and seafood literally. Have adopted this experience. It has appeared useful. Fiber normalises work of nervous system, gives powerful inflow of forces, raises endurance. And the main thing - appears aggression so necessary to the football player, extreme desire to defeat. The player is ready to tear the rival in the field. Does of the sportsman of the fighter. Why nomad tribes beat in due time grain-growers? Because ate a lot of meat!

the Algerian sportsmen did not use Alcohol a drop. Then we in a national team had one player who afforded pair of glasses of wine or a beer small bottle a day. It was the nonsense. To it even a nickname have thought up - the Alcoholic

On the Cup of the African nations in 1988 have taken the third place. Came back in the country heroes. Still - Algeria has achieved for the first time such success!

- Probably, have well thanked?

- Each player has received ten thousand dollars. To us with Horn the good bonus too relied. But on hands have received about third of the presented sum. Under the contract with Foreign trade and investment bank from each 50 earned dollars 35 we should give to embassy. The salary on hands was dollars 500. Other foreigners who worked in Algeria, received in four - five times more
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Alexander Tabarchuk.
the Photo: Alexey MIKUSHIN.

TABARCHUK Alexander Dmitrievich. Was born in Ukraine. Played hockey for the medical institute command where has graduated. There was the candidate for the master of sports on fencing (sabre). Nine years was engaged in boxing. Headed regional federation of boxing. The judge of a republican category on boxing, the Honoured worker and the honours pupil of physical training. Has the first adult categories on parachuting and mountaineering (worked in a confidential reserve of the Joint Staff of the USSR on preparation of commandoes).

Worked as the doctor in the Tractor the command on mini - to football the Phoenix - the Locomotive now - on basketball ( the Dynamo - Teplostroj ).

the Professor of stand of sports medicine of UralGUFK.

Elder son Dmitry - the main producer of federal TV channel STS, average Paul - the former player gandbolnogo superleague club Sungul younger Daniel - the doctor of hockey club JUgra .