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Bakiev has made responsible for victims Provisional government and has resigned

the Political situation in Kyrgyzstan has moved off dead centre. In the night from Thursday to Friday it became known that already the former president of KR Kurmanbek Bakiev who have taken off for Kazakhstan on Thursday evening, has resigned.

Having returned to the native village Tejit where last week there was Bakiev, in extremely dejectedness, Kurmanbek Salievich has been urged to run from the country, proving the decision threat of security of his life. Unexpected enough decision from outside eks - heads of the state if to consider that some hours prior to the runaway Bakiev has refused to leave republic and otmel the offer of Belarus on a political asylum, having referred to absence of necessity for this. Simultaneously with it, the former president considered as a variant a trip to Kazakhstan as in the country presiding in OSCE. Especially, to arrive to the next republic, according to Bakieva, Noursultan Nazarbayev has offered it personally.
in the evening on April, 15th on tapes of local news agencies there was an information referring to certain sources that from Kazakhstan has taken off spetsbort, presumably for Bakievym. However officially nobody confirmed it. Roughly in 19. 00 local time in Dzhalal Abad the plane, to which accompanied by several cars with protection of profit two jeeps lands. On these a car all time in exile the president moved.

according to eyewitnesses, together with Bakievym from Kyrgyzstan in an unknown direction members of a family eks - the president, and also a number of the high-ranking officials have taken off. Who exactly from a family has left KR, till now it is for certain not known. It was said that together with Kurmanbekom the country Salievichem was left by his brother Zhanysh. However there was an information that he did not leave republic territory later.

the information that in salon of the helicopter during flight of Bakieva as it was found out, in the city of Taraz (Kazakhstan) there was a former Minister of Defence Baktybek Kalyev has not proved to be true also.
Under the available information, last has been detained by special services at once on flying away eks - heads of the state in city airport Dzhalal Abad.

during flight the board of the head of the state was protected by military men of Russia on the instructions of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, with a view of safety of flight of Bakieva with a family from Kirghizia to Kazakhstan . This data is confirmed with a press - the secretary of the Russian leader Natalia Timakova. A bit later flight of Bakieva to Kazakhstan confirms also OSCE in the name of the operating chairman of the organisation Kanata Saudabaeva who in the evening of the same day does an official statement for the public.

- on April, 15th as a result of joint efforts of the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev, US president Barack Obama and the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, and also active intermediary actions of OSCE, the United Nations, EU have been reached the arrangement with Provisional government of Kyrgyzstan and president Kurmanbekom Bakievym about departure of last of the country, - informed in the statement of the chairman of OSCE. - in interests of all people of Kyrgyzstan we call all political forces of the country for the prompt maintenance of stability, restoration of a public order and leadership of the law, to the decision of the sharpest socially - economic problems.

in 20. 40 local time the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan confirms plane landing with Bakievym onboard in Taraz. On the arrival of the running head of Kyrgyzstan in the next republic conflicting data about where Kurmanbek Salievich further will go start to arrive. Under one data, the former president goes to Turkey, on another in capital RK Astanu, the third sources insist on a variant with Kursk (Russia).

Approximately during the same period there are conflicting data about resignation of Bakieva. The head of administration of the head of Provisional government Edil Bajsalov declares addition of powers kyrgyzstantsam on the page to the first the Internet - service Twitter. Sources in an environment eks - the president of it do not confirm. The point in a question is put by Roza Otunbaeva, head VP who in interview to the Russian journalists quotes the text of the statement of Bakieva about the resignation, sent by it from Kazakhstan by fax (!) .

Friday morning on tapes of news agencies there is a documentary acknowledgement of night events a copy of the statement of the expelled president. We result its text completely:
on April, 7th, 2010 in the Kirghiz Republic there was a revolution, - Kurmanbeka Bakieva is told in the statement of the president of Kyrgyzstan. - As a result of the armed capture of the government blood simple in what not guilty citizens, the huge loss is caused to image of the state has spilt. All responsibility lies on members of provisional government who used them for power capture. Understanding and the responsibility for the last events, I bring deep condolences to all family of victims. These tragical days for the Kirghiz people, realising all responsibility for its future, preservations of integrity of the state, the Kirghiz statehood, according to article 50 of the Constitution of the Kirghiz Republic I resign .

the Resignation of Bakieva

the Resignation of Bakieva