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Authorities of the capital will introduce in “Schoolmates“ and “In contact” ethnopsychologists and konfliktologov

In the Moscow government not the first year puzzle over how to cope with nationalism and extremism among capital youth. We will remind, last summer on Tver, 13 even have collected special session on this subject.

- We should be objective: our work on maintenance international, mezhkonfessionalnogo the consent to the given period can be estimated as unsatisfactory, - has declared then Yury Luzhkov.

the Town governor did not hide the discontent and seen in virtual space.

- And the Internet - the terrible field covered with mines which can blow up any society, - the mayor has added.

And here the authorities have decided to undertake putting in order not only in a city, but also in the World Wide Web. In the near future the mayoralty begins on the Internet scale monitoring by means of professional ethnopsychologists and konfliktologov.

- Our experts will trace first of all the Internet - space about extremist displays, - has informed “ a press - the secretary of Committee of multi-region communications and the national policy of Moscow Julia Vajdukova. - Ethnopsychologists will necessarily work, for example, in “ Schoolmates “ and “ In contact “ in a blog sphere, on portals and blogs of national movements.

Among the agents introduced in a network there will be the experts specialising on studying of questions of ethnoconflictology and sociology, and also workers profile scientifically - research establishments. In the mayoralty do not hide that plan to capture the cores actively used in the youth environment the Internet - resources. For it from the budget it is allocated about 1,5 million roubles.

- and konfliktologam it is entrusted to Psychologists to regulate an information stream of discrimination character and to raise legal knowledge of townspeople, - mark in capital Committee of multi-region communications and the national policy. - for this purpose our experts will publish on the Internet - forums the information on the rights and duties of citizens, on measures of punishments for racism and discrimination certificates, and also practical recommendations about behaviour at collision with these phenomena. Experts will spend also psychological consultation.

authorities of the capital intend to check Results of this work of once a month. And then on the basis of recommendations and the offers the Internet - agents the city government is going to strengthen friendship of the people not only in virtual, but also in real life.

In the mayoralty already now over the project “Concepts of realisation of a state policy in sphere of interethnic relations in the city of Moscow” with might and main work. This document of the power plan to discuss in May.



According to last data of population census of 2002, in Moscow are lived by representatives more than 160 nationalities. Total of townspeople - 10,4 million persons. Actually the day population of capital, including migrants of different categories, in t. ch. Transit and pendular migrants, comes nearer to 15 million persons.

Russian make 84,5 % of the population of Moscow. Between two censuses (1989 - 2002) in capital the share of representatives of different nationalities for 13 years has grown from 10,3 % to 15,2 %. Judging by practice of some European states, the prospect of strengthening ethnic mozaichnosti Moscow sees quite real (among inhabitants of London and Paris a share of representatives “ not radical “ nationalities considerably above - 20 % and 28,5 % accordingly).

According to Committee of multi-region communications and the national policy of Moscow.