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The poster of cinemas of Vologda for April, 16th


the Insurgent, a fantasy, adventures, the USA, Great Britain, 2010

the Director - Lui Letere.

In roles: Sam Uortington, Rejf Fajns, Liam Nison, Dzhemma Arterton, Alex Davalos, Nicolas Holt, Denni Houston, Izabella Miko, Jayson Fleming, Kaja Skodelario.

Persej, the son of god nurtured by the person, could not protect the family from Aida, the vindictive sovereign of the underground world. Now it has already nothing to lose, and he voluntary agrees to head dangerous mission to win victory over Aidom before that will select the power at Zevsa and will let out demons of an underground kingdom to the Earth. Heading group of fearless warriors, Persej goes to risky travel on a labyrinth of the forbidden worlds.

LENKOM - 10. 30, 15. 00, 19. 30

SALUTE - 11. 00, 13. 40, 16. 20, 19. 00, 21. 40


Adventures, Russia, 2010

the Director - Anario Mamedov.

In roles: Alexey Knyazev, Daniel Spivakovsky, Albert Filozov.

Fifth-grader Eugene Ushakov gets on mysterious island Dvid of which is not visible on one map. Its inhabitants go at numbers, they cannot rustle and smejatsja because it irritates Mo Fo, a huge octopus who resides in underground caves. The governor of island Tahomir Tiho watches calmness and rather on Dvide, and the guilty citizens are waited by a meeting with the angered octopus. But there is an ancient legend about the young knight from other world which will release inhabitants from awful oppression.

SALUTE   - 10. 40, 15. 20


the Drama, a military film, Russia, 2010

the Director - Vladimir Hotinenko.

In roles: Sergey Makovetsky, Nina Usatova, Cyril Pletnev, Liza Arzamasova, Anna Guljarenko, Ruslan Jagudin, Stepan Morozov, Victoria Romanenko, Vladimir Ilyin, Sergey Prokopich.

the Pskov orthodox mission - one of the least studied pages of history of the Great Patriotic War. Since August 1941 till February, 1944 priests - missionaries from Baltic revived church life in the territories occupied by Germans severo - the West of Russia.

SALUTE - 12. 50, 17. 20


the Insurgent, a comedy, a melodrama, the USA, 2010

the Director - Sean Levi.

In roles: Steve Karell, Tina Fey, Mark Uolberg, Taradzhi P.Henson, Jimmy Simpson, William Fihtner, Leyton Mr., Kristen Uig, Mark Ruffalo.

the supper in fashionable nju - jorkskom restaurant should diversify Boring life of spouses of Foster. And it has turned out, after all it was necessary to them to be presented by another`s names to receive a little table without turn and mad adventures have there and then begun. Having accepted them for others, in mad race on a city behind a family couple were started up corrupted kopy and city gangsters.

LENKOM   - 13. 00, 17. 30, 21. 50


the Insurgent, adventures, Russia, 2010

the Director - Paul Sanaev.

In roles: Alexey Bardukov, Agnija Ditkovskite, Marina Petrenko, Sergey Chirkov, Paul Priluchnyj, Evgenie Harlanov, Victor Verzhbitsky, Alexander Lykov, Igor Sklyar, Nodar Siradze.

After special action carrying out during which time one of members of team has been killed, at gamers other life begins. Each of them understands: they work on large criminal syndicate. For disks now hunt all: both power structures, and gamers. The problem - not to admit, that such material has got abroad. The command part decides to take away them to itself and to generate own under control army. The vampire and Rita try to prevent them.

SALUTE   - 19. 50, 21. 50